Tuesday 25 March 2014

Need of the hour is to reclaim traditinal agriculture in Vanxim

The Joint Development Agreement on Vanxim has another very big scandal wrapped up in its womb. The following extract would reveal: "that the island land have not been used for agricultural purpose for a long time and non-agricultural properties and Schedule Property appears in the Tourism Master Plan 2021 and is earmarked to be developed for tourism purposes."

Whoever is responsible to demarcate Vanxim agricultural land has to be identified. The investigations has to be launched as to who is responsible for the breach of bunds that made cultivation of paddy field impossible. Investigation is also needed as to who is responsible for the abandonment of fields without repairing of bunds. Why government authorities has not taken action on war footing to repair and revive agriculture in these fertile paddy fields?

Who is responsible to lure farmers with money in order to induce farmers to give up paddy cultivation? Since the earliest records of 1999 suggests that Gaunekar has been actively involved Vanxim to take over what was his role to make sure that agriculture is given up totally? Why did Archbishops Raul Gonsalves as well Felipe Neri Ferrao did take no steps to protect Vanxim paddy fields? Is it because they wanted to create legal loopholes for the sale of Vanxim so that huge black money can be transacted?

Why was there no response from the Goa government administration when Paddy fields of Vanxim are threatened due to breach of bunds? Is is not the deliberate conspiracy of Bamon Raj - to destroy paddy fields and then turn it for casino (gambling) and Five star hotel and Spa (Prostitution) tourism which are both unethical in nature and Bamon Mahendra Gaunekar to have 16.7% share? Who is responsible for the survey number 8 scandal?

What is the need of the hour is reclaim the agriculture in Vanxim and dump filthy tourism dreams of Gaunekar and Ozone into Mandovi river.

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