Tuesday 4 March 2014

We are choosing to fight!

"For on every high hill, and under every green tree thou didst prostitute thyself"

Jeremiah 2:20

Goa Archbishops, both of them after using their power to sell Vanxim to Gaunekar and Gaunkar to corporate has divided entire 180 acres of Vanxim (Capao) into four categories for its own clarity of vision of control of land, its history and memory. Lets understand how they conceive as evident from the Joint development Agreement of 11th August 2009. Lets observe the Bamon Raj version of the land in Vanxim as below followed by analysis.

"(i) An extent of 45.76 acres being freeheld land which was earlier owned by a Church Patriarchate of East Indies (also known as "St.Monica of Old Goa" or "Church")

(ii) An extent of about 36.23 acres of land earlier owned by various individuals owned by various individuals.

(iii) An extend of about 74.16 acres, comprised of properties that belong to the Church but one in possession of various persons claiming to be agricultural tenants by virtue of the Goa, Daman and Diu Agricultural Tenancy Act, 1964.

(iv) And extent of about 24.25 acres of land being absolute property of the Church and portion of the same is 99 years lease in favor of certain individuals.

All this is collectively known as Scheduled  Property."

"And whereas the First Party (Mahendra Gaunekar and his wife Sonali) was on look out for a developer who will be able to formulate a scheme for the development of the Scheduled Property and provide the funds necessary fort he acquisition of the said Scheduled Property. The confirming Party No 1 (TUSCAN CONSULTANTS AND DEVELOPERS PRIVATE LIMITED from Bangalore) who is in business of acquiring and developing properties, including tourism related properties and managing immovable property, having came to know of the intention of the First Party had offered to fund the acquisition of the Scheduled Property and to develop the Schedule Property into an integrated resort by constructing villas on a portion thereof with infrastructure which will be the Development Phase I and to develop the remaining portion of the Scheduled Property into a Golf Course, Club House, Hotel, Spa, resort etc which will be the Development Phase II. The Development Phase I and Development Phase II are herein collectively referred to as "Project"."

It is very clear from this extracts from the Joint Development Agreement that the all the efforts to take over Vanxim by spiting it into four is for the business purpose. And objective of every business is profit. Nothing else matters. for this reason the villas to be constructed in Vanxim are supposed to be sold at Rs 20 crore and above. For this Vanxim is forced to be sold. The two main sellers are Goa's two Archbishops. First the Archbishop Emiritus Raul Nicolau Gonsalves who sold portion of Vanxim on 9th April 1999. He gave lead for Vanxim sale and then his successor Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao followed in his corrupt footsteps and sold another chunk of land specially paddy fields on 11th February 2006. The agreement which is a document of corporate and Bamon raj conspiracy against mulnivasi people of Vanxim needs to be thrashed in garbage bin for Vanxim people have not interfered with corporates in Bangalore, Gaunekar in Gaunem in Ponda taluka of Goa, and both the Bishop's at Altinho or their families in Aldona and Bambolim. They have no right to mess up in Vanxim. Yet we are living under bamon raj and that's why Bamons are involving corporates to take our our land with all their might. We are choosing to fight rather than to let Vaxim go out of control of Mulnivasi people. In this fight we need your valuable participation. For our fight is for victory, to blow off like chaff all the formidable enemies into the torrents of winds.

In the meanwhile Mangroves are being cut down in Vanxim to make way for constructing retaining wall as per plans in the Joint Development Agreement. BJP government in Goa is proving to be toothless to defend Vanxim. This Lok Sabha election it needs to be voted against at Parliamentary elections.

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