Monday 22 December 2014

Fresh assault on fishing rights by Hotel Grand Hyatt today

Today 21st December 2014 at around 12.30 pm Hotel Grand Hyatt released 10 water sports boats in Zuari river in an act that is flagrant violation of the fishing rights of the local fishermen. Soon the information was shared with various people in authority like the Goa Fisheries Minister Avartano Furtado and Director of Fisheries Department, Goa Government Sharmila Monteiro. Minister acted and dispatched director, fisheries on Bambolim coast for spot investigations. 

Hotel Grand Hyatt in the meanwhile got the wind of the event to follow and withdrew all its boats from the river on shore at 1.45 pm. Director visited Bambolim at 2.30 pm in spite today being Sunday that is holiday for government servants. 

Reports from Bambolim indicate that there has been an attempt from the Director of Fisheries Sharmila Monteiro to convince the fishermen that they should allow water sports boats of the Hotel Grand Hyatt in Zuari river at certain timings as if she is also the director of Hotel Grand Hyatt. Bharat Mukti Morcha objects to such attempts and condemns Fisheries director Sharmila Monteiro for treating rights and dignity of fishermen with utmost contempt by attempting compromise on fishing rights and carrying on the bamani conspiracy against mulnivasis.

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