Thursday 4 December 2014

Violation of fishing rights in Zuari river: diary notes

According to the reports reaching from the fishermen on Zuari river coast fishing were violated on the 3rd December – 4th December 2014 night. Unknown number of trawlers was fishing during the night time with their lights off.  Fishing for trawlers is banned for trawlers at the distance of 5 kilometers from the shoreline. Trawler kind of fishing is ecologically unsustainable as it involves digging of riverbed. Bharat Mukti Morcha has advised Goa Fishing department to station permanent patrol vessel in Zuari to curtail fishing rights violations.
On December 04 at 3.30 pm three trawlers were spotted in Zuari river fishing illegally. Department of Fisheries has been contacted and action against trawlers recommended. Fisheries department did not act in spite of telephonic promise to act. Trawlers continued to fish illegally till When the reports last came in at 8.20 pm two trawlers were fishing illegally in Zuari river.

On 27th November 2014 Naval police as well as Goa coastal police had a meeting with fishermen in Cacra village and assured the fishermen of their support. Director of Fisheries who was to come at the Cacra meeting failed to come and sent a message that she does not have transport facility to Cacra.

On afternoon of 29th November 2014 police visited Bambolim coast and met up with fishermen in respect to complaint of Bharat Mukti Morcha about fishing rights violation through water sports/speed boats of Hotel Grand Hyatt. However as soon as police left Hotel released two speed boast in river with tourists on board

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