Sunday 28 December 2014

Hotel Grand Hyatt release one more boat in Zuari river, violates fishing rights

It looks Sundays are favorite day to violate fishing rights in Zuari river by Hotel Grand Hyatt. Last Sunday 21st December 2014 it released 10 speed boats in Zuari river and got reprimanded. And this Sunday 20 seated double motor Tourism boat launched at 10.30 am on December 28, 2014 has caused provoked discontents am amongst the coastal people on Odxel-Cacra-Nauxi-Bambolim-Siridao coast. The illegally sailed through fishing rich Zuari river with tourists on board towards Arabian Sea with key officials of Aquasail on board. 

For strategic reason of baffling fishermen and government authorities the boat did no hoist aquasail banner. And this baffling worked with director of fisheries Sharmila Monteiro. After she was messaged on her mobile about the presence of tourism vessel in Zuari river she replied to Rohidas Andrade, Bharat Mukti Mocha Convener in Bambolim. The text of the message reads “We have not given noc you may contact tourism dept or police. I have found out they are not aquasail boats.” Clearly there is defect in the verification procedure adopted by the Director Sharmila Monteiro. Just because boat did not carry name plate of aquasail it does not cease to be aquasail boat when personnel involved are none other than that of aquasail. When black crow wears white mask it doesn't turn white dove. So when an aquasail boat commissioned by Hotel Grand Hyatt hides their banner they do not cease to be what they are - Aquasail.

Now the next question is as to why the onus of complaining of fishing rights violations is put on fishermen. Director of fisheries is duty bound to involve tourism department as well as police to streamline the fraud prone Hotel Grand Hyatt when it illegally sails its boats in Zuari river.  Director has committed serious dereliction of her duties.

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