Monday 29 December 2014

Trawler violation of fishing rights in Zuari

Two trawlers were fishing within 20 meters of Nauxi-Cacra-Odxel coast in Zuari river. The violations were observed at 09.45 am on Monday 29 December 2014. Fisheries Minister Avartano Furtado was called on his mobile but he did not receive the call there by disrespecting struggling people of Zuari coast. sms was sent to him urging him to act. Not sure what action he initiated. 

Director of Fisheries Sharmila Monteiro was also called up by Rohidas Andrade at 9.50 am. She responded saying that she is driving and asked Rodhidas to call his after 30 minutes. So much illegality continued in the meanwhile. After 30 minutes when called she did not receive Rohidas Andrade’s phone call. Sms text sent to Director of fisheries Sharmila Monteiro and the Minister of Fisheries Avertano Furtado read “two trawlers in Zuari river now. Violation of fishing rights. Act now!”  This was sent for immediate action. What action what the Minister and Director initiated is not known.

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