Wednesday 26 October 2011

Fresh threats to Goa unit Bharat Mukti Morcha Mahila Aghadi Chief Maggie Silveira

Today 26th October 2011 Maggie Silveira, President of Ilha de Vanxim Association received fresh threats to her life from two anonymous callers. At 7.30 am today she was contacted on her landline and asked to come to starred hotel for a lunch party for speaking so boldly to Chief Town Planner S. T. Puttaraju yesterday. They said they are lawyers who are admire Maggie Silviera and are involved in behind the scene operations.
Maggie Silveira is also the of President Bharat Mukti Morcha Mahila Aghadi, Goa Unit, an organization dedicated towards overthrowing Baman Raj in our country.
Maggie replied to them that you’ll may be lawyers of bamon Mahendra Gaunekar but she is too busy to come for any party. She said her priority is a Bharat Mukti Morcha Public meeting on 29th October 2011 followed by the village gram sabha on 30th October 2011.
She told them on 29th there is mega public meeting and she will expect more calls. Not forgetting the gram sabha which is on 30th October and she expects even more call. These calls will not surprise Maggie at all nor do they mean anything to her.

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