Thursday 13 October 2011

Siolim burns, Bamon CM Digambar Kamat fiddles

 Siolim is burning, it is fuming with toxic. Its virgin hills at Marna are are set on deadly fire to the disposed chemicals. Burnt chemicals sent the message of alarm. Another Bhopal disaster in the making. Fire raging without halt since 10th October 2011. This time there is no factory. Only the burning industrial waste disposed on the mountain top. Siolim villagers alarmed and jerked out into new awareness of toxic and those responsible for creating it. Siolim is not the only village to get affected, its fumes blown away in winds to Assagao, Morjim, Duler-Mapusa.
 Siolim villagers petitioned with 139 signatures protesting the disaster submitted to various authorities like Panchayat, Primary Health Centre, Deputy SP, Mapusa police station, Pollution Control Board, SDO and Deputy Collector, Mapusa.
 While the hills burnt authorities passed the buck to each other without anyone taking any responsibility.
 Villagers went to forest department but they did not entertain the complaint in Carraswada office.
Released gas from the fire sent out fumes that caused vomiting, coughing, breathing difficulties.Bharat Mukti Morcha declares support to the this protest movement.

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