Tuesday 4 October 2011

Vanxim agitation targets Bamon Raj in Goa

Ilha de Vanxim Association has been blamed for preventing of development of Vanxim Island for this very purpose we called this press conference. As we had 3 mega meetings (all on record with us) people from different places of Goa including NGOs supported Ilha de Vanxim Association.

We call upon all our supporters all Goa to strengthen their full support for our Ilhas de Vanxim Association.

As we have heard through reliable sources that Vanxim Capao Island is going to come under settlement zone, where in it comprises of fields, mangroves, orchard land, mud flats, internal rivulets and sluice gates.

How can these be shown under settlement zone?

Where was Pandurang Madkaikar local MLA for the last long 15 years (to do the development of our Vanxim Island) and also to repair bunds, damaged poles, jetty, pathways as published on Navhind Times dated 1st october 2011.

Can such MLA be relied upon for any more development of our village?

Massive corruption involved in our Combhurjua Constituency under the so called leadership of Pandurang Mankaikar.

5 buses full consisting of 300 people came to the Town and Country Planning Department. On 27/09/2011 whereby some people from Diwar, Malar, narva including migrant labourers and a handful of people from Vanxim - most of them were given Rs.1000/- each by Pandurang Madkaikar's agents.

This is a case of massive corruption and it needs to be thoroughly investigated by the concerned bureau, Vigilance Department, CBI, Income Tax, etc.

Corruption in Vanxim through Local MLA Pandurang Madkaikar must be brought under the purview of Justice Shah Commision.

Time and again we gave our objections through Gram Sabha Resolutions including widening of road, children's park, bridge, etc.
Memorandum letters with our signatures are also forwarded to various Departments such as Governor, Chief Secretary, Chief Town Planner, CRZ, etc.

Local MLA Pandurang Madkaikar published in Herald on 10th September 2011 saying a new bridge will come at Vanxim.

When he cannot meet the basic needs of the Vanxim villagers, how he can fool our people and given false promises.

On the 27th September 2011, at the Town and Country Planning - how could Edgar D'Mello, Assis Furtado adn his brother panch Manuel Furtado say - 'bhatkaracho kainch guneanv nam (Battkar) Bishop Felip Neri Ferrao (Archdiocese of Goa).

Manuel Furtado, local panch is fully supporting the so called project by saying 'we need development' in the village so that the locals would not have to travel far in search of employment. "People from Divar and Malar too would benefit," he optimistically says.

This shows he is fully involved in causing damage and disaster to our paradise virgin island.

This rightfully enforces the creation of Baman Raj because seller as well as buyer are Bamons and all the Islanders who are (Mulnivasis) are sought to be made into slaves.

Jai Mulnivasi! 

Jai Bharat!

Jai Ilha de Vanxim Association!

(Maggie Silveira)

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