Monday 15 October 2012

Goa's great mining plunder - Part 1

 Sebastian Rodrigues, October 2011

This book is a result of critical engagement with mining industry in Goa for the past 10 years. Massive destruction of life, plunder of minerals and food sources was carried on in Goa for the last 50 years. Yet Bamani powers made every attempt to see that opposition to this remains crushed. Hence now this book to expose mining plunders as well as Bamani control over Goa.

This book however is not just for arm chair reading but is part of ongoing agitation for liberation. The book calculated amount of money earned from export of iron ore from Goa from 1980-81 up to 2010-11 at the rate of Rs.5/- per kilogram in international market.  This amounts to Rs. 276 lakh crore.

Earnings from iron ore during the past three years itself have crossed the mark of Rs. 76 lakh crore.

In spite of such a huge earnings Goa’s Public debt for the year 2009-10 remains at Six hundred thirty one crore ninety nine lakhs thirteen thousands rupees (Rs. 631,99,13,000/-). Why this huge debt is created? Why is it not paid even after such huge earnings from mining industry? Mining in Goa has to be taken away from private operators and nationalized.

Mining companies will surely dispute this figures. But disputing by them is meaningless as they have totally kept their earnings secret while putting entire state of Goa under grave risk. One has to ask mining industry in Goa as to why none of the companies have declared as to how much they earned from Goa alone?

Currently Goa tops in export of iron ore to various countries including major share to China. However Goa does not top in sharing the wealth accumulated from mining amongst people in Goa. It is the opposite.

Book builds up the case for nationalization of mining based on huge earning from the industry as well as rising public debt of Goa. Book also exposes brute police and judiciary used to crush mining protests in various parts of Goa.

It is hoped that this book will provide valuable information about mining industry at a cheaper rate especially for the mulnivasi people.

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