Wednesday 24 October 2012

Goa's great mining plunder - Part 10

Goa’s mining plunder can get solved only with nation wide agitation

Sebastian Rodrigues, October 2011

Goa’s mining loot and plunder can be solved only with nation wide agitation. It is the bamani rule in India as well in Goa that is responsible for the Goa’s mining plunder. Target of the protest movement has to be brahmanical bondage of our Country as well as our State of Goa. Bamani bondage is what is responsible for the massive destruction of Goa’s eco-system and livelihoods and making mulnivasis dependent upon mining industry. This situation is sign of bamani bondage. It is allowing systematic destruction of mulnivasi people.

Who are mulnivasis?

Mulnivasis are original people of this land. They include SC, ST,OBC, those converted from these categories into Christianity, Islam, Buddism, Sikhism. The entire bamons are not included as they are foreigners as proved on record from DNA testing by Michael Bamsad of Utah Universityin collaboration with Anthropological Survey of India based in Calcutta.

Mulnivasi people of Goa have to get connected with nation wide agitation for liberation. Currently this agitation is ongoing under the banner of Bharat Mukti Morcha. Only when our entire country is free Goa will be free too. For this it is important for mulnivasis to contribute their time, talents and treasure. This great task of liberation will have to be carried forward by the mulnivasi people themselves. Bamons are experts at fooling our people. They have fooled our people for over five centuries and captured our land, and our minds. 

It is not enough that we read this book and sit back. It is very important to get involved in this great liberation movement. It is therefore urgent appeal to all the mulnivasi people throw themselves wholeheartedly in this nation wide liberation movement.  We have to join in order to end the bamani bondages forever and make this country as well Goa highly prosperous. Goa’s mining export makes only handful of companies in the bamani control prosperous while the rest of population is facing steady captivity of bank loans and degraded ecological mining fall outs. 

Very important to act now:- lets all come together to overthrow the entire bamani rule.

Jai Mulnivasi!

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  1. Great Seby, You have removed the mask from a real culprits. Carry on.... The whole nation is with you.