Friday 5 October 2012

Part 18: Revolution and counter revolution in modern India

Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha

Rise of counter-revolutionary system

When counter propaganda takes place counter awakening comes about, and with counter awakening counter revolution takes place. In this way propaganda took place, propaganda did not take place but counter propaganda took place, and with this type of propaganda awakening came about and with this kind of awakening counter revolution came about. That’s how rule of Shiv Sena – BJP come about in Maharashtra. When their rule came about Maharashtra Brahmins in Delhi distributed sweets. In one of the government offices in Delhi when Brahmins gave sweets to a Scheduled Caste person named Karade then he asked as to what is the occasion for distributing sweets? That Brahmins relied that we have never thought that in Maharashtra rule of Brahmins will rise up. Bombay High Court cancelled membership of Manohar Joshi and Supreme Court restored his membership. Judiciary is a part of the system.

Judiciary is not for the purpose of people interested in justice. In Judiciary there is no reservation for our people. When Nehru took over as Prime Minister then his biggest task performed was that he created a new system. In new system democracy has four important pillars: Legislature, Administration, Judiciary and Press, these four pillars were created by using his power over rule Parliament to make sure that our people should not become members in them. Nehru captured Administration with 71% Brahmin. Nehru fulfilled the task to make sure that our people will not find representation in Judiciary. Nehru also formulated the law to created and regulate press in India based on which Brahmin-bania media got established. Based on these four pillars of democracy new system got constituted. It can be said that all this happened based on Varna system and not on the basis of the law of Indian Constitution.

Directives of the constitution were used for this purpose. The new system that they created based on directives to conduct elections in Constitution, got public mandate to rule, based on this mandate a person occupies the position of Prime Minister, the strength that lies in this position as Prime Minster was used to create a system, and it is visible in front of us with statistics. If this system is Brahmanical then we can say that Indian Constitution is revolution while the limited system that Nehru created is a counter revolution. On one side ‘Riddles in Hinduism’ agitation got started, and second ‘Mandir-Masjid’ agitation started. This agitation was also started by Congress.

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