Monday 8 October 2012

Part 21: Revolution and counter revolution in modern India

Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha

Rise of dangerous situation

Those who cannot believe this if they do little bit of thinking and reflection they will realize this. Globalization, Liberalization, and Privatization are dangerous program and it is a program to end everything in your possession. The person who was about to go below poverty line because of Constitutional rights qualified as doctor, engineers, marched ahead in professional educational, and now even doctor is not able to get his son qualify as doctor, engineer also will not be able to get his son qualified as engineer because Rs 5 lakh or Rs 6 lakh needs to be paid. Reservation will continue legally and government will say 22.5% reservation and 50% reservation is intact.

We will give you your seat but first gets lakhs of rupees and take it, we have no objections. If you do not pay Rs 5 lakh then your seat will remain as it is. In this way your Constitutional rights are being eroded. That’s why it is important to fight in present times. Fight has to be in present times and if you want to struggle then you will have to understand present times, those who will not be able to understand present time, how will they fight? To fight also we need understanding and evaluation. Based on evaluation you will be able to take decision.

If you are not able to evaluate then in future there will be no decision in future. Is this a future? Some people think that their future is in the lines on their palms. Imagine there is an accident and both the hands are to be cut as per doctor’s advice and they are cut, is that person has no future? Future does not lie in the lines of palms.

Future lies in deeds, in decision. If any decision is taken in present then same will be your future. If in present you took a decision to stay in slavery then in future you will be in slavery. If in present times you decide to live in freedom then no force in the world will be able to make you slave. That’s why the situation that has emerged today, what is it? Those people have succeeded in establishing counter-revolution and how successful? Ruling parties are of 3 % Brahmins.

Opposition party is of 3% Brahmins, and 3% Brahmins has their third national party. They are in ruling party, they are in opposition party, and they are in third national party. If ruling party comes into opposition and opposition comes into ruling position in both the cases it is rule of Brahmins.

If Congress goes and BJP to power even then it is rule of Brahmins, and if BJP goes and Congress comes to power even then it is rule of the Brahmins. One group is Brahmins are Congress party leadership and second group of party are BJP leadership. For us ‘A’ named Brahmin or ‘B’ named Brahmin; both are Brahmins. Progressive Brahmin is more dangerous than sanathani Brahmin. This is so because the controversy that rose about the relationship between Shivaji Maharaj and Jijabhai in that there were people calling themselves progressives and Sanathani; both are on the same side of the fence. That’s why the situation is such that our enemy has established counter revolution in very strong manner. If this is effect of today’s analysis then you can estimate as to how big be the challenge in front of us. That’s why how are we going to face such a big challenge? This is a very dangerous problem. These statements are not made to send people into despair. The effect that I can see is very dangerous. We can have our way out of this. The campaign and agitation that we are involved into, through it we are trying to find our way out of this dangerous situation. We launched 10 years time bound program from 1999 to 2009. As per that program we formulated a plan to create social networking and geographical networking  in 6 lakh villages before 2009. As per this plan connect 6,000 jatis. If through networking we prepare 100 people from villages we get 6 lakh into 100 is equal to 6 crore people. If we prepare 200 people then 12 crore people, in this way by 2009 we have prepared a plan to mobilize 15 crore people. We are working on this plan as we know as to in the times to come what we need to do, we have an estimate of this. Based on our estimate we are formulating our program. This program is till 2009, not very long; we are marching ahead in this direction.

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