Friday 19 October 2012

Goa's great mining plunder - Part 5

Case for Nationalization of mining

Sebastian Rodrigues, October 2011
The large scale plunder of mineral of Goa by handful of people does not make any sense for letting things to go on as they are going. Goa’s economy is getting rapidly into doldrums while mining companies are becoming richer from Goa’s wealth. One such example is of MLA Anil Salgaonkar who ranks as India’s second richest MLA with declared assets of Rs.92 crore. Salgaonkar is a Bamon and involved with large scale mining in Goa without even paying minimum royalty to the State of Goa and he himself admits it. Such is a disgusting level of state of affairs in Goa. The wealth generated from mining would be able to be utilized entirely for public good and public debts and deficit budgets will stop. Debt burdens on citizens’ heads will disappear.  Currently 15 lakh people of Goa share the debt burden of Rs.4213/- each. With nationalization this burden will go.

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