Wednesday 21 January 2015

Goa is a Goonda Raj at Zuari river

Today January 21, 2015 morning 12 trawlers were illegally fishing. When the Superintendent of fisheries was phoned by Sanjay Pereira he promised to come. But before he could reach all the trawlers left Zuari at 12.00 noon. There looks to be nexus clear nefarious nexus between the Fisheries department of Goa Government and the illegal fishing in Zuari river.

In the afternoon 9 trawlers are illegally fishing in Zuari when the last reports came in. Violations are zooming to new level ever day. Law and Order situation is pathetic in Goa. Goa has turned into Goonda Raj at Zuari river.

Police patrol boat attached to Harbor station in Vasco has suffered breakdown. Police has revealed information that they have contacted Goa Fisheries department to sent their boat and police department is willing to provide their personnel. Fisheries departments has not responded to police request till 4.00 pm today. In the meanwhile illegal fishing continues. 

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