Tuesday 6 January 2015

Well done Tiracol! Let Vanxim follow your example!

Bharat Mukti Morcha congratulates people of Tiracol for uniting against Golf and luxury tourism. What is remarkable about Tiracol is that even those people who had taken money from the hoteliers have now turned their backs on the project and vowed to protect their land from Ganguly and his associate predators.  Bharat Mukti Morcha also appreciates efforts of the local catholic priest in Tiracol Church in uniting people against the Golf and luxury tourism after his predecessor had forced people to surrender their land for Golf Course and luxury tourism plans and accept money.

Tiracol has set up very hopeful trend that even if people accept money they can be convinced to turned their back on temptations for money and struggle again to protect their ancestral land. It is hoped that this situation also emerges in Vanxim and those people who accepted money turn against the Bamon Mahendra Gaunekar and Ozone corporate. Like Tiracol people in Vanxim too has taken huge amount of cash to surrender their rights over paddy fields in Vanxim.

Tiracol is an example that stands as role model for the people of Vanxim and rest of Goa to turn against the Golf and Luxury project even though many of them have accepted cash. Maggie Silveira’s family has refused all the offers of money and is leading Bharat Mukti Morcha’s agitation for Liberation. That’s the reason Maggie Silveira has been charged with robbery case involving Tripod, along with three other ladies Anuradha Volvoikar, Swati Kerker and Deepika Tari when ladies confronted corporate staff in Vanxim and confiscated Tripod on November 10, 2011. They were placed under arrest in unethical manner on November 12, 2011. 

This case came up for hearing on November 18, 2014. The three ladies had a corporate lawyer defending them with additional legal staff of Bamon Mahendra Gaunekar and Ozone corporate as the three ladies named above have accepted money and compromised. It is a mere act of slavery. Maggie has a separate lawyer to defend her as she goes about in uncompromising manner as far as Vanxim land is concerned. As Goans we have to save Goa and not get into slavery with Bamons like Gaunekar and Corporate bodies such as Ozone. This is what Maggie is. She is not the slave of Eurasian Bamons, or of the corporate. She is for Goa. She is for Vanxim. Viva Maggie! Viva Vanxim!

Jai Mulnivasi!

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