Thursday 8 January 2015

Where Truth prevails, Justice is born

Today was a second hearing of the Vanxim tripod case Government of Goa versus Maggie Silveira. Government Lawyer Frances Noronha moved application before the judge in sessions court in Panjim for the postponement of today's arguments. She gave the reason that senior lawyer who was supposed to appear in this matter is not present in the court room. What was interesting was that her application was drafted and written on stamp paper by Gaunekar/Ozone corporate lawyer and later submitted to the Judge after being duly signed by Government prosecutor.

Today, the case was for arguments. All the three ladies Anuradha Volvoikar, Swati Kerker and Deepika Tari were present with Mahendra Gaunekar/Ozone corporate lawyer and Maggie Silveira also was present along with her lawyer.

The case was for arguments as of today's date 08/01/2015. Though it was known that it's for arguments how come the senior lawyer was not present. What this democracy is about? Is it of the people, by the people and for the people? Or it is mockery of the people? The tripod case and the charge-sheeting of the four Vanxim women itself is a mockery and in the court room it is additional mockery.

A government lawyer that too senior should and must make it a point to be present  for the arguments next time, and do not submit another application asking for more time or excuse as senior lawyer is absent.

Time is precious and an individual who comes to the Court should and must be respected and not taken for granted by saying my senior is not present. Such applications must be rejected by the Judge. The human being has right of respect which must be given to individual.

The true dignity of any authority represents his/her inner self being. That is what is the true voice of Justice for People living in true democracy.

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