Friday 2 January 2015

How tourism director attempted to bluff public that boats in Zuari are not of Aquasail

 The picture above is double motored boat for tourism of Hotel Grand Hyatt. Its nuisance for local fishermen. The boat doe not boast of Aquasail logo but below picture depicts staff members of Aquasail on 28th December 2014.

 Picture above shows fishermen with their nets on the beach. Hotel Grand Hyatt wants fishermen to be removed from the fishing activities and give beach entire to the hotel for tourism purpose.
 The above picture shows Vinod Govekar, supposed owner of Aquasail sailing boast of the company without name tag because of the protests. Also seen is Brig Puri of Aldei de Goa. In the background is Aldeia de Goa hotel that was build after Bamons like Kamats, Sinaris and Mhambrey and placing local villagers in disadvantageous position.

 Above is close up of two motor engine of the boat.

 In the background above is Nauxi village. Below is tourism boat set illegally on sail in Zuari. Director of Fisheries asked villagers to contact police to arrest the hoteliers.

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