Sunday 25 January 2015

Hotel Grand Hyatt, Illegal trawling violates fishing rights in Zuari river

24th January 2015 at 9.30 am Bambolim based Hotel Grand Hyatt violated fishing rights. Hotel sent out its water sports boat (goa 073 ws) with passengers on board. Fishermen has filed written objections to Fisheiries department in this regard but it looks like politcal pressure pressure is heavy on Goa Government as a result there is no State crackdown on Hotel Grand Hyatt. Only policitcal power of the masses will set the course of events right.

24th January 2015 at 4.00 pm six trawlers were illegally fishing in Zuari river. When police at Harbor Police station were contacted they said they are not able act as boats still do not have fuel. When questioned as to who is supposed to supply fuel to the boat police reply was that it must come from Department of accounts. So there is high level political pressure at play for which funds are not released to the police boats. 

The political system needs to be changed drastically. Its rotten to the core because at the highest level it is controlled by bamons for the benefit of bamons. Zuari River seems to be to their benefit as their EMV MLA perhaps are interested parties in illegal fishing practices.

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