Tuesday 13 January 2015

The night brahmins laid trap to murder St.Francis Xavier

Around 1540 St.Francis Xavier moved out of Goa to preach Gospel in Travancore – current South and Central Kerala. He preached both in Tamil as well as Malyalam. At a time he would preach to the groups of natives numbering four to five thousands often in open places. His enemies were Brahmins for he was attacking their traps on natives, their Brahmanism.  One night Brahmins laid trap for him to murder him. In the night time they attacked him in a group. They shot arrows at him. St.Francis Xavier ran even as the arrows of the Brahmins kept chasing him. All together 13 arrows were shot at him. His dodged 12 of them and 01 struck him. He was injured in the middle of the night. He kept running and succeeded in confusing the Brahmins with the help of dark night and climbed on top of the tree and stayed on tree top the entire night. Brahmins kept searching him the whole night but they could not trace him. It was not God's will that St.Francis Xavier be murdered by Brahmins of India.

Angry Brahmins then in the middle of the night set three to four houses on fire. Brahmins suspected that St.Francis Xavier was hiding in those houses of the natives. The entire incident is narrated on page 50 of newly published book of Patrick J.Lobo titled ‘The Heroic Saint Francis Xavier and published by Broadway Publishing House, Panjim. This book is unique as it does not suppress the role of Brahmins who are Eurasian settlers in India in their hostility towards St.Francis Xavier. What is most interesting about the book is that it carries imprimatur of the Goa Archbishop Filipe Neri Ferrao via CP/4646/2014 dated 6/11/2014. The book was released by Archbishop Emiratus Raul Nicolau Gonsalves on November 22, 2014 in Old Goa in the presence of the Archbishop of Mangalore and Archbishop of Goa. Archbishop Gonsalves however declared that he had not read the book and is ignorant of the content.

Which means Archbishop of Goa who is himself a bamon, has finally created evidence that his blood brothers ancestors were the enemies of St.Francis Xavier.  Caste is one factor, one social and political factor that remains without discussions mainly because Bamons will be dislodged from the positions of power which they are currently holding by cheating mulnivasi people under diverse pretexts.  St. Francis Xavier used his authority fully against the brahminism and even used state power in the form of inquisition to violently crush Brahmanism.

It was a body blow to Brahmins who themselves had invited Portuguese into Goa in order to dislodge rule of Adil Shah as he was hostile to bamons in Goa. Bamons took trouble to sent in their delegates to Calicut in Southern India and convinced Portuguese to invade Goa not anticipating that Portuguese will bring Christianity to Goa and Brahmins will have to fight them out again. They did fight. Mohan Ranade from Pune is an example how Maharashtra Bamons fought Christian Portuguese rule – after infiltrating as Marathi teacher - in Goa in violent manner by attacking number Portuguese Police stations in twentieth century including one at Verem, Bardez. His Interview was published in Navhind Times of December 23, 2014 supplement and admits being part of violent freedom movement operating in secret manner of a secret society. Ranade is a Euressian bamon and so Portuguese were Europeans. Fight between two foreigners on the soil of Goa.

While some bamons fought violent battles others converted themselves to Christianity and captured Church leadership but simultaneously carried on their brahmanical practices secretly. This is the reason it was very common to note that there will be one Catholic Priest, one medical doctor, One lawyer and one mentally retarded person in most of the bamon families that has taken over lands of the native people of Goa through fraud and cheating mulnivasis.

Brahmanism took over the control over Church that St.Francis Xavier contributed to emerge as headquarters for missionary activities in Asia.

Brahmanical practice of burning of women on the husband’s funeral pyre known as ‘sati’ was banned by Portuguese in 16th Century itself. This was few centuries before it was done in rest of India by British amidst written objections by Brahmins claiming that it was part of their culture. It is worth noting that burning of women is part of Brahmin culture and warned British not to interfere in the matter. Indian Brahmins were and are Eurasians as proved by DNA report published in Times of India of 21st May 2001.

Natives in Goa got access to education under Portuguese rule. Portuguese opened up the gates of education to natives that was shut for centuries together by Eurasian Bamons because they are Eurasian and educating natives would end their hegemony – intellectual and moral superiority - over the rest of the natives in Goa. Portuguese as well as St. Francis Xavier did not care for Bamons and their rule of Manusmriti.

This background gave rise to two catholic priests laying claims for sainthood after their death during four centuries of Portuguese rule in Goa. One is Fr.Josesh Vaz, a bamon whose parents hailed from Benaulim and Sancoale in South Goan villages, and who worked his mission in Ceylon. The Second is Fr.Agnelo de Souza, native, in current terminology an OBC from Anjuna village. Both are on the path to sainthood with accompanying devotion in different parts of Goa.

During the past few years however there is a spurt in momentum to canonize Fr.Joseph Vaz as saint. He was declared Patron saint of the Archdiocese of Goa, and then his statues installed number of churches in Goa, etc.  Rightly he is son of Eurasian father and sought to project as son of Goa. Currently this inserting of Bamon identity as Goan identity operation in on with the canonization of Fr.Joseph Vaz on 14 January 2015 in Sri Lanka. Pope Francis gave a miss for the minimum conditions needed for canonization of mandatory 2 miracles when he has just one. Bamons in Goa and India are in a hurry to get Fr. Joseph Vaz as saint and provide entire jurisdiction of Asia to him as model missionary of Asia.  The cause of canonization of Fr.Agnelo de Souza from Anjuna is languishing in limbo even though numerous miracles reported regularly. He is truly a native of Goa, and has to suffer this denial of sainthood.

The birthday of Fr. Joseph Vaz is on 16th January. It is celebrated as a feast of Blessed Joseph Vaz. In 1967 this day was also chosen for holding opinion poll whether Goa should be merged with Maharashtra or be kept as separate political entity. The manipulation of the Christian community followed by lavish funding by mining company of Bamon V.M.Salgaoncar – as documented by Ramnath Naik - made sure that votes are polled to retain Goa as separate political entity in India. The crusade for anti-merger movement was led by another Bamon Dr. Jack Sequiera, and then leader of the opposition who headed a political party named ‘United Goans’. So one Bamon owning mines V.M.Salgaoncar funded the opinion poll’s anti-merger camp and another Bamon Dr.Jack Sequiera led this camp that eventually scrapped through narrow win. Opinion Poll was held on 16th January 1967 the birthday of Fr. Joseph Vaz. Politically Goa is a Bamon Raj and with the canonization religiously bamons would have triumph over their dreaded enemy – Roman Catholicism. It is dawn of supreme hegemony of Bamons in most complete manner. Cyril Aleixo Fernandes in his book ‘Justice at the Grassroots’ has demonstrated, that Dr. Jack Sequiera’s camp was dominated by bamons just as Congress Party was as narrated in the book by late Antonio Francis Fernandes and released by Adv. Norma Alvares on 27th August 2014 in Quellossim, Goa.

Brahamanism is very vibrant in the Church in Goa and Pope Francis has not criticized it either so far during his Papacy. Not only it is reflected in major process prioritizing of sainthood to Bamon Fr. Joseph Vaz over an OBC Fr.Agnelo de Souza but also in seemingly minor process of selling of Vanxim Island in Mandovi river by Bamon Filipe Neri Ferrao through Fr.Arlino D'mello to another  Bamon Mahendra Gaunekar for less than Rs.55 lakhs with 250 crores of underhand dealings. None of the protagonists of the cause of sainthood to Fr.Joseph Vaz have dared to criticize the Archbishop’s decision and his swiss accounts. Even Pope Francis did not sack Goa Archbishop Filip Neri Ferrao so far for swindling of money in Vanxim sale the way German Cardinal was.  Canonization of Blessed Joseph Vaz is most favorable base builder for bamanism in Goa.

Religiously speaking Pope Francis has caused ruptures but lots remains to be done.  St. Francis Xavier, Blessed Joseph Vaz as well as Venerable Fr.Agnelo de Souza all upheld Latin mass.  Practice of Latin Mass is what kept religiosity very vibrant during their times. This was common thread amongst St.Francis Xavier, Blessed Joseph Vaz and Venerable Agnelo de Souza. Church today led by Vatican has betrayed all three of them. The suppressed Latin Mass is picking up momentum very slowly in Goa even though there are number of instances of repression by Goa Archbishop Bamon Filipe Neri Ferrao.

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