Monday 12 December 2011

Subjects for 28th BAMCEF & RMS National Convention - Awakening Session 2

24.12.2011  Awakening Session 2      6 pm to 9 pm     Gulbarga

Brahmins provided access to education to Mulnivasis under compulsion; but kept the total control over the educational syllabus (curriculum) with them as part of brahminical conspiracy - A discussion.

Due to the great movement of Mulnivasi Mahapurush, the brahmins were compelled to provide the access to education to Mulnivasis (original Indians). However, they conspired to keep their total control over the school/college/university syllabus (curriculum). Due to this they managed to brahmanize the whole education system. to expose the conspiracy of brahmanization of our education system and also to create awareness amongst Mulnivasi brethren, this topic has been kept for discussion.

Speakers: Vidya Gautam (U.P), Prof.Jaiminee Kadoo (Maharastra), Dr.Naumipriya (U.P.), Prathibha Ubale (Maharastra), Dr. K. Anil kumar (Kerala), Prof.N.T.Krishnamurthy (K'taka), Er. Sankar Ram (Municipal Commisioner, U.P.), A. Jayaprakasham (T.N.), Ms Sujata Kumta (Bangalore, K'taka).

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