Tuesday 13 December 2011

Subjects for 28th BAMCEF & RMS National Convention - Awakening Session 9

Monday   26.12.2011   Awakening Session 9   3.00 pm to 5.30 pm

Lingayat dharm is not a part of Brahmin religion rather it is an independent religion - A serious discussion.

Brahmins have also shown Lingayat dharma as an offshoot of Brahmin religion. But after the study of basic literature of Lingayat dharma, it is proven that this religion does not follow Brahmin religion, instead it is an independent religion created against the Brahmin dharma. It was an immense conspiracy of Brahmins to end the movement by showing Lingayat dharma as an offshoot of Brahmin dharma. To bring forward the original form of Lingayat dharma this discussion has been kept.


Brahmins demolished Buddhism through massacre; in the same way, they destroyed Lingayat dharma too - A historic analysis.

To root out Lingayat dharma, Brahmins destroyed basic literature of Lingayat movement and carried out massacres of its heroes, founders, great leaders, preachers and followers. It was a Brahmanical conspiracy. Similar methods were deployed to wipe out buddhism from India. To do comparative analysis of destruction of Lingayat dharma and Buddhism and to expose the Brahmanical conspiracy, this subject has been kept for discusssion.

Speakers: K. Vijay Kumar (Maharastra), Korneshwar swamiji (K'taka), Prof. Gangadhar Geete (Maharastra), Dr. Siddanna Langoti (K'taka), Er. Sanjay Makaal (K'taka), Bavavaling Swaamiji (Maharastra), Com. Ghanaji Gurav (Maharastra), Er. Praveen Teli (Maharashtra), Mallinath Anapure (K'taka), Mr. D.R. Rajaguna Sekar (T.N.), Dr. Banjegere Jayaprakash (K'taka)

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