Tuesday 13 December 2011

Subjects for 28th BAMCEF & RMS National Convention - Awakening Session 14

Tuesday  27.12.2011       Awakening Session 14    06.00 pm to 09.00 pm       Gulbarga

The gross neglect of Renke Commission's recomendation on Scheduled Tribes and using it during the election time by giving assurances of implimetation was part of a Brahmanical Conspiracy - A Discussion.

Congress has put the reports given by Renke commision on STs in the dustbin. But in our country, an election is a regular process in one or the other state. Congress has found out a perfect way to use leaders of Ghumanthu (Nomadic) tribal community at the time of election. Give those assurances and use them during elections and after elections dump them. This is going on for a long time. But neither activists nor people of Ghumanthu caste seem to know about this. To give them true information and to create awareness in them, this subject has been kept for discussion.

Speakers: Prof: Sunita Rathod (Maharastra), V.V. Jadhav (Maharastra), Yashodha Rathod (Maharastra), Dr. Nilesh Rana (Delhi), Er.Dilip Pardeshi (Maharashtra), Mr. Brijmohan (Haryana), Mr. Ramesh Kusalkar (Maharastra), Mr. K.Murugesan (T.N.), Mr. Digambar Kale (Maharastra), Vidya Bharti (Maharastra), Mr. Sunnam Venkatramana (A.P.), P. Bheemla Naik (A.P.)

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