Tuesday 13 December 2011

Subjects for 28th BAMCEF & RMS National Convention - Awakening Session 15

9 Social groups "Advocates" ONE DAY NATIONAL CONVENTION

Wednesday    28.12.2011   Awakening session 15   08.30 am to 11.30 am Gulbarga

Due to the monololy of Brahmins of Brahmins, the current Trade Unions are incapable of creating any movement - A debate.


There is no other option to mulnivasi bahujan laborers and employees than to create their own independent Trade Union - A discussion.

The current trade unions in India are totally monopolized by brahmins and it is under their control. They used these unions directly & indirectly to support Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization (LPG). As Brahmins did this the trade unions lost their relevance. This has rendered the trade unions ineffective. Why did brahmins do this? It needs to be analyzed so that people can think and feel the need for an alternative for creating an independent trade union. keeping this in mind, this topic has been kept for discussion.

Speaker: Adv. Jupalli Krishna (A.P.), Adv. S.Sidharth (K'taka), Adv Sheshananadan (K'taka), Adv. P.R.Suresh (Kerala), Mr. Sidharth Barve (Maharastra), Mr. J.C.Senghal (Gujarat), Mr. Palash Bishwas (W.B.) Mr. kishorebhai Boricha (Maharastra), Mr. Shivmohan Srivatava (U.P.), Mr.P.N.Solanki (M.P.), Mr. Bihari Badhi (Orissa), Mr. Ram Prasad (A.P.), Mr. Subhankar Sarkar (W.B.), Er.G.Muniraju (T.N.)

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