Monday 12 December 2011

Themes for 28th National Convention - Session I

24-12-2011 10 AM to 2 PM

1. USA is successful in ending international terrorism in their homeland; but India is not able to end Terrorism in India? - A Critical analysis

Ten years back when the financial capital of USA was attacked by terrorist, they took such steps for its protection due to which only one terrorist  incident took place in the last ten years in their homeland which was also averted. But in India, 38 terrorist attacks took place in last ten years. This raises a valid question, when USA is able to stop terrorist attacks in thier soil, then why Indian leadership not able to do that in India? It is important to understand the secret behind this. to expose the conspiracy behind this the topic has been kept for discussion.
Speakers; Arasu Soman (Kuwait), Er. Bhagwan Gaikwad (Gulf Countries), Mr. Satish Natikar (Europe), Er.Jaswant Sonara (France), Shyamlal Shah (President, RMS, Nepal)

9 Social Groups "Students" ONE DAY NATIONAL CONVENTION

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