Tuesday 13 December 2011

Subjects for 28th BAMCEF & RMS National Convention - Awakening Session 12

Tuesday  27.12.2011    Awakening Session 12    11.30 am to 2.00 pm Gulbarga

Brahmins declared all women as Shudra, why? - A research topic.

In the Brahmanical Shastras, we find strong evidence that Brahmin dharma has not only declared Mulnivasi women as Shudras but also of the Brhamin women. This is very shocking and harsh truth. but this is not written anywhere in the history/text books. It is very important to unearth its true face. keeping this in mind the following subject has been kept for analysis, so that actual awareness can be created in true sense.

OR Drums, Fools, Shudras, Animals and Women all deserve beating - (Sundarkhand, Choupayi 58-3)
OR Women, Vaishyas and Shudras are all impure - Gita, Chapter - 1, Shloka - 32)
OR All Women are mines of defect and impurities - (Ayodhyakhand, part-4, Doha-161, Choupayi - 2)

Ramcharitramanas treated all the mulnivasi women terribly and how it humiliated them in a cruel and inhuman manner is beyond expression. but, sorry to say that today's women don't know all about this. To create awareness among them about the historic injustice which led them to the current sorry state of affairs, this subject has been kept for discussion.

Speakers: Urmila Pawar (Maharastra), Charuben Chauhan (Gujarat), Anita Ahari (Rajashthan), Phulatai Jadhav (Maharastra), Dr. Asha Indu (M.P.), Ranjana Meshram (Maharastra), Radha Meena (Rajashtan), Vidyajyoti (Bihar), Geeta Patil (Maharastra), Arundhati (K'taka), Dr. Amruta Katake (K'taka), Ms. Lakshmibadh (Orrissa), Sheetal Pilevan (Maharastra), Beronika Dum Dum (Orissa), Shaik Afsana Sehera (Srinagar, Kashmir), Kursheed Asari (Maharastra), Prof. Waheeda Momeen (Maharastra), Dr. Jagrati Deshmane (Raichur, K'taka), Dr. P.Sumathi (T.N.), Ms, E.R. Anuradha (T.N.)

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