Tuesday 17 July 2012

‘Brahmin Dharma’ is a conspiracy to make mulnivasis slaves

Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha

Words are weapons
‘Brahmin Dharma’ is not a religion but a conspiracy to make backward classes and all the mulnivasis slaves. The second meaning of this is that ‘Brahman Dharma is not a religion, it is a conspiracy. It is like how Lohia is believed to be great Socialist.  At one place Lohiates met me. While discussing with them I said Lohia believed in Brahmanism. They said ‘No, Lohia did not believe in Brahmanism.’ I said yes he did not believe in Brahmanism but in great Brahmanism.  Today words have great importance. In democracy it is banned to use objects like knives, swords, guns for it is an offense to use them; in Democracy only those succeed who knows to use words.  Today word is a weapon. Today you can succeed only if you are able to put weight in your words.  You must know to use right words are right time with right meaning. Our enemies did this and they succeeded. We must not forget this point.

Bad word is named religion
Today what Brahmins call Hindu Dharma it is not Hindu Dharma, it is ‘Brahman Dharma’. If Brahmin propagates it as ‘Brahman Dharma’ then non-Brahmins will reject it saying that it is a religion of Brahmins we have not relation with it. This is a very important point. Our enemy knows this very well. Dayanand Saraswati set up ‘Arya Samaj’ in 1875 and propagated it. Dayanand Saraswati did not start ‘Hindu Samaj’. That time he had rejected the word ‘Hindu’ saying that it a bad word given by muslims and they termed themselves ‘Arya’. How come those till now believed the word ‘Hindu’ as a bad word given by muslims gave this very name to their religion and propagated it? This is because they knew that if they call Brahman Dharma as Brahman Dharma then non Brahmin will distance themselves, and will reject this religion. They will recognized Brahmins dharma very easily. That’s why foreign Arya Brahmins named their Brahmin Dharma as ‘Hindu Dharma’ and propagated this word to enslave backward class and to downgrade.
The word that Arya Brahmins believed as a bad word given by muslims; propagated that this very bad word is a pride of their religion thereby hiding Brahmins Dharma under the name of Hindu Dharma. This is like a son is born in the house of Tiwari or Sharma or Joshi and named him as Mohammad Tiwari or Mohammad Pandey or Daud Ibrahim Joshi or Musharaf  Togadia. If the son was born in the house of Brahmins then they would have given their own name; this did not happen. 

‘Hindu’ word is not of the Brahmins. This word is a word that has been given by foreign muslim invaders. Yet this word is used and propagated by Brahmins to fool and downgrade the people of backward classes and all the mulnivasis; that’s why they use the word ‘Hindu Dharma instead of ‘Brahman Dharma’.  Today Brahmins spit venom against muslim the whole day from morning till night yet have adopted the name given by the same muslims. They have accomplished the task of inciting backward classes and other mulnivasi bhahujan samaj against muslims.

Rescue of Brahmin Dharma in the name of ‘Hindu’
Why do Brahmin do this way? This is because the use of ‘Hindu Dharma’ provides shield to protect ‘Brahmin Dharma’. This gives an opportunity to Brahmins to hide under this shield. 

We have seen so far that Brahmins turn liberals to hide. Brahmins turn Socialists to hide. Brahmins turn secular to hide. Brahmins turn Gandhians to hide. Now, after the research it is discovered that at largest scale Brahmins hide under the name of ‘Hindu’. When Babri masjid had to be demolished then Brahmin did not go there. He takes a decision that that Kalyan singh will have to go there. He will become Hanuman of Advani. He has to be converted from Human being into Monkey. This decision Brahmin takes. When in Gujarat muslims had to be slaughtered, Children has to cut into pieces then Narendra Modi is sent there. Brahmin takes a decision that this task has to be accomplished by Narendra Modi.

Under the tutelage of Brahmins Narendra Modi gave rise of brahmin terror in Gujarat. It is propagated all over the country, all over the World that for this carnage Narendra Modi and only Narendra Modi is responsible. In law there is criminology; in that there one who commits a murder is less responsible but the one who plans the murder is real criminal. To propagate the name of Narendra Modi all over the World is an issue of shielding Brahmins, to protect them. This is important point to tell so that we understand as to how Brahmins use not only Narendra Modi as their shield but entire OBC and backward classes as a shield to protect Brahmins. 

In the same way in order to protect Brahmin Dahrma they propagated Hindu Dharma so that the real face, the real form of Brahman Dharma can be hidden, and this poison they can spread amongst backward classes and mulnivasi bhahujan samaj; that’s why they started to use the word ‘Hindu Dharma’ instead of ‘Brahman Dharma’.

No change in objectives
Brahmins did not change their original objective. They know very well that whatever was given in the name of Brahman Dharma anywhere, it was rejected by backward classes and entire mulnivasi bhahujan samaj. That’s why if these people had to be kept enslaved in future too then this poison has to be spread as it is by changing only the label.
That’s why in place of ‘Brahman Dharma’ adopted the name ‘Hindu Dharma’. And the conspiracy named ‘Brahman Dharma’ was given the name of ‘Hindu’ and is propagated. When somebody comes to knows this conspiracy and after knowing speaks out and exposes this Brahmanical conspiracy. After exposing when he tells about it to his own samaj then people from his own samaj give him the title of ‘Dharma Virodhi’.  Why do things turn this way? This happens because Brahmins propagated their conspiracy in the name of religion and mulnivasi bhahujan people accepted that conspiracy as their religion.

‘Dharma’, a good idea
Today even beggar use the word ‘Dharma’ while begging. While gifting or accepting gifts the word ‘Dharma’ is used. If someone has to be treated well even then the ‘Dharma’ is used. If some fights are to be ended with re-conciliation the word ‘Dharma’ is used. In warmer day if somebody has to be given water publicly in a ceremony even then the word ‘Dharma’ is used. It must be accepted that over all ‘Dharma’ is a good idea.’

But this good idea Brahmins turned into conspiracy and are still doing it, and they gave name ‘Dharma’ to this conspiracy and propagated it. Mulnivasi Bhahujan Samaj enslaved, after enslaving turned into Shudra and most backward, some people were compelled to stay in hills and forest, they made some people untouchables and told that these people must not be touched; they are untouchables. All these wrong activities, all these conspiracies were carried on by Brahmins and they named it ‘Dharma’.

What do manusmriti say?
Manusmriti says that these people must be denied education, deny right to hold weapons, deny them access to  good thoughts (Brahmins find writings in Vedas good and it is crime for Shudras to listen to them.)
Whatever written in manusmriti as to be denied to shudras are political. If they get them then they can take over political power. This formula Brahmins accepted for themselves and denied for mulnivasi bhahujans. At one place Lohiya says that ‘Dharma is long term politics’. I think that Brahmins in order to carry on their rule with consensus installed these chains in the name of Dharma. After analyzing this Lohiya must have said that ‘Dharma is a long term politics’. This is 200% true in case of Brahmins.

Why our people do not wish to leave the conspiracy named ‘Brahman Dharma’? This is because our people believe this conspiracy as religion. When and how will this be possible? This will be possible only then when we will succeed in telling lots of people that this Brahman Dharma in reality is not a Dharma but a brahmanical conspiracy; for which you call Hindu dharma.

If you want Dharma, you will get but what you call Hindu Dharma is not a Hindu Dharma but a Brahman Dharma. When you put this point in the minds and hearts of mulnivasi bhahujan samaj then these people from Mulnivasi bhahujan samaj will go against the conspiracy called Hindu Dharma. They will be ready to fight against it.

Use of ‘Dharma to enslave mulnivasis

Here only ideals are being told. You will find documents to prove this. All the documents you will find are written not by us but by Brahmins themselves. Brahmins wrote Vedas, Brahmins wrote Smruti, Brahmins wrote Smiriti,and like this they wrote thousands of books in which it is written to keep mulnivasis suppressed. And they just simply did not write but they translated that into law.

Dharma teaches humane treatment. Dharma thought to treat human being as human being. But Brahmin dharma gives written order to make us lower. If we tell that this is a conspiracy and people believe that it is a conspiracy then our freedom is not too far. If people believe that it is a conspiracy then our freedom is not too far away.  One who psychologically free that person is practically free.

No one is free. Brahmins made Dharma a weapon in order to enslave mulnivasis, this is not the Dharma of Brahmins but a conspiracy to enslave mulnivasi bhahujan samaj. If we people succeed in unmasking this conspiracy then definitely there will be great awakening in the county, there will be wave of public awakening.

We want to bring about ideological transformation in BAMCEF agitation, and for two reasons we got inspiration to make this possible. The first is DNA research and second is the current literature of Dr.A.H.Salukheji.

From DNA research it is proved that Brahmins are Arya and they are from outside country. They enslaved mulnivasis of this country and captured everything of mulnivasis. In this country Arya Brahmins had nothing. Arya Brahmins enslaved mulnivasis through aggression. If Arya Brahmins were successful in defeating mulnivasis bhahujan samaj only through aggression then they would have not prayed in Rigveda that Oh Indra, Oh God of Gods please destroy Asuras. You make this Asuras, you make that to Asuras. If Arya-brahmin people were really brave then they would have not prayed, because brave people trust their deeds, real warrior never waste time in prayers.

Arya brahmin people are noticed praying. They destroy Asuras, these Asur, Daitya, Danav, Rakshas people are troubling us, destroy them. Even today if we observe those guarding the borders of this country are people from mulnivasi bhahujan samaj. When Kargil broke out then 99% soldiers who died were from mulnivasi bhahujan samaj.
If Arya Brahmin people were brave then they would have gone to the mountains of Kargil to fight and died, but this did not happen. From this it is proved that Arya Brahmin people are not brave. It is proved from DNA research that Arya brahmin invasion took place with an objective to make mulnivasi bhahujan samaj people slave. Now this is not the topic of debates. In spite aggressive invasion they did not fully succeeded in enslavement they conspired and they named this conspiracy ‘Dharma’. For this they created ideology and created different system. Vaidik ideology is an ideology to our people slaves and Varna system is list of rules created to implement Vaidik system.

In the system named Varna system that was created gave rights to people of first three varnas and fourth varna meaning Shudras were stripped off their rights. Stripping off rights of Shudra Varna is an evidence of enslavement.
Before DNA research findings came about there used to be this difficulty in front of me; how can brahmin call his own mother, own wife, own sister and own daughter a shudra or believe them to be shudras or how can he treat them like shudras ?

After DNA research finding it came to be known that  these aggressor Arya Brahmins when they invaded that time they did not bring their women along with them. They brought along with them only clothes and weapons. They used women from here for the sake of procreation. This statement got established  from the DNA test findings. Because of this reason Brahmin’s mothers, sisters, wives, daughters are not from their own race. That’s why they kept their mother, sister, wives and daughters in shudra category. When mulnivasis reacted against this that time Thathagat Buddha and Mahavira provided leadership to this reaction.

History tells us that on one side there used to be struggle with Vaidik people and on the other side struggle used to be with our own people. The struggle of Buddha and Mahavira was freedom struggle of mulnivasis against foreign Arya Brahmins that was led by Buddha and Mahavira. They were successful in this agitation and revolution came about.

Effects of Budha’s revolution

Three important impacts took place of the Revolution that Buddha brought about. The Mulnivasis that were made shudras and slaves rose up to become Kings. Rule of law emerged based on the principle of equality. This is evident after observing rule of King Maurya. This was a first impact.
The second impact was women were freed totally. If women from any society remain slaves then they are not able to give rise to free nation. Keeping this mind and creating free nation women were given complete freedom after Buddha’s revolution. They got the right of equality. This came forward as big impact.

Third and final impact that was witnessed was development of knowledge and Science. Buddha used to speak any statement based on evidence. In order to carry forward this practice of evidence and proof; gave rise to development of knowledge science. Today believers of Buddha go in front of Buddha’s statue and bow down their heads, light candles, pray, but nothing will happen from all this.

This conspiracy to end the thought of Buddha is not only carried forward by Brahmins but also by those believers of Thathagat Buddha. Brahmins never recognized and accepted the impacts that flowed out from Buddha’s revolution. They continuously prepared for counter-revolution by infiltrating inside Buddha’s Bikshu Sanghs. They added mixture in his revolutionary thoughts.  Why Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar took up the task of writing the volume on ‘Buddha and his Dhamma’ that time question arose in front of his as to from available literature which is of Buddha and which is of Brahmin prepared through mixtures. In such a big scale mixtures were added in Buddha’s thoughts. 

There was ‘Vinay Pith’ in order to regulate and administer Bikshu Sangh. In this Vinay Pith there were rules for Bikshus. In that it was written that this thought must be propagated in people’s languages. This was Buddha’s order. Buddha’s pleadings were that the people to whom we want to reach, the people to whom we want to convince, people must understand our point of view. That’s why he asked Bikshus to propagate his ideology in people’s languages. That time ideology was propagated specially in languages like Pali, Maghadi, Ardh Magahadi etc and Buddha banned propagation of his ideology in Sanskrit.

Buddha did not ban Sanskrit because he was opponent of Sanskrit but because Sankrit was not the people’s language. It was language of only some people, and this language was used by Brahmins to fool us.

After Buddha this rule of Bikshu Sangh was changed which Buddha was asking to obey utmost strictness. This was changed and written that if necessary then propagation can be carried on even in Sanskrit. In this way mixture was introduced in Budda’s revolutionary thought after Buddha. 
The mixtures in Buddha’s ideology began after Buddha; as a consequence Maurya Kingdom got destroyed. Buddhists King named Mahapandam was assassinated by a Brahmin named Chanakya, and after him last King Bruhadrath was assassinated by a Brahmin named Pushyamitra Shrung because of which counter revolution took place. This counter revolution too resulted in very dangerous and very serious impacts. There are written records available of this.

Consequences of counter revolution

The serious consequence of this counter revolution was that shudra was stripped of rights to reign in as King. It is written in manusmriti that Shudra does not have right to weapons. From earlier times Brahmins too did not have right to weapons. After counter revolution the additional point was added into manusmriti that if due to some compulsions brahmin has to take up arms then it is acceptable. This additional had to be included in mausmriti as the Brahmin picked up weapons in order to assassinate Bhruhadruth; it was violation of rules contained in their religious scriptures.
Because of this order was issued in manusmriti that it is acceptable if brahmin had to use arms. After counter revolution rule of Brahmins and their administration will not be possible to carry on only through dialogue and deliberations for convincing; for punishment was felt required. That’s why they made provision of punishment in manusmriti. After counter revolution they wrote Manusmriti, Ramayana, Mahabharata and Gita. A message was given through Punranas that if you want to defeat enemy then first you have to divide enemy. Break them, smash them and achieve victory over them.

Through the medium of Mahabharata message was passed on to Arya Brahmins that if you fight amongst yourselves then your destruction is inevitable. You remain untied, otherwise one Asur (today’s shudra) named Krishna will destroy you. I developed opinion after reading of Gita that when Gauravas and Padavas (Aryas) fight and to for it resolution they go to Krishna, that time Krishna tells them that for solution no alternative for war. When to start war Duryadhan approaches Krishna and says you have said that there is no other alternative to war, and I have no army worthy to fight in war.

As soon as Duryodhan said this Krishna replied “Oh Duryodhan, don’t worry, there will be war and for that you that my army. I will be alone with Arjuna but there has to be a war; under any situation, any circumstances. When two armies gathered in battlefield, Arjuna saw in front and said to Krishna “People whom he has to kill in a battle are his own relatives, own elder brother, own teacher, how can I kill them? This will be adharma. Can’t we win war without killing them?” Krishna was shocked to listen this from Arjuna, perhaps he thought that these people have understood that he has prepared a program of their death and this program is getting flopped.

Krishna thought that under any circumstances the program of these people’s death, meaning war must not be stopped. This is why immediately on the battle field Krishna started to feed his preaching to Arjuna and said “Oh Parth (Arjun) what you are speaking of killing your teachers, your loved ones, your relatives is wrong; because of this earth no one dies, only body dies, soul is eternally alive. That’s why o Parth your teachers, loved ones will not die. They will stay here itself, you go on doing your deeds. After listening to these things from Krishna Arjuna finally gathered his strength and was ready for a war.

Just for the show off Ramayana and Mahabharata are written separately; but they have common objective.  That objective is to alert Brahmins. Ramayana, Mahabharata, Manusmriti, Gita were written after counter revolution and testing by evidence, logic and proof was banned. One who searches proof, evidence and logic is opposed to Dharama, is an Atheist, one who is anti-dharma is without grace. He goes to hell. In counter revolution thinking based on logic, evidence, proof was banned. Women were declared shudra and shudras were stripped of their rights. In order to do all this conspiracies had to be hatched.  For this purpose Brahmins had to write books and these books were named religious scriptures.

‘Ramayana’ and ‘Mahabharata’ are both the books of politics. Who and how has to be overthrown. It is literatures for this purpose. This variety literature was given name of Dharma by Brahmins. Logic, evidence and proof based thinking was banned. Due to this people from mulnivasi bhahujan samaj people accepted and believed whatever they told. Buddha had said that first you know and then after knowing if you feel it is correct then believe. Brahmins changed his ideal of Buddha.

Brahmins said ‘believe but do not know’. Brahmin says to shudra ‘you believe that I am your teacher?’ Shudra replies ‘Gurudev only you are my teacher.’ Then Brahmin says ‘if I am your teacher then you have trust in me. When everything is known to teacher then what is the need for you to know? You only believe.’ The books existing prior to counter revolution was re-written with new perspective and few new books were written, some the main books include Purannas, Shruti and Smruti. In Gita that Brahmins wrote after counter revolution, it is said through the mouth of Krishna that “based on God of Gods, Talent and Deed I am creating Varna system”. Based on insistence from Brahmins Brahma had created Chaturvarna system, and then what was the necessity to re-create it? This is so because the earlier system in place was destroyed by Thathagat Buddha through his revolution; that’s why Brahmins felt need to re-create the Varna System and that’s how they included it in Gita. Yet it was not possible to re-create. That’s why the single category of Shudra that existed prior to Counter Revolution was divided into thousands of jatis. The people who accepted brahmin Dharma were called Shudras and those who did not accept brahmin Dahrma were declared untouchables. That means after counter revolution shudras were divided. After Counter revolution jati system was created and in jati system inequality was brought in. higher-lower was created. Created feeling that there continues strife will take place between mulnivasis. Sati system established. Sati system is related to jati system. This has already been written and kept by Babasaheb Ambedkar. After DNA research one more point got clarified and got established that at the root of sati system is jati system.

Brahmins created a system of Kanyadan. Is kanya (daughter) a thing that can be gifted? System of Child marriage too is connected to jati system. Whatever dangerous things that emerged after counter revolution was named ‘Dharma’.

In the name of Dharma - Conspiracy after conspiracy

If you call someone untouchable, and don’t touch; this is Dharma too. If you believe someone else inferior; this is dharma too. If you practice inequality with each other; this is Dharma too. If you do not treat any human being in human way, you treat him like an animal; this is Dharma too. If you tell this to people, no way it looks like it is Dharma. If you look from any angle only conspiracies are visible.
Brahmin murdered mulnivasi saints. Killed Santa Tukaram in revolt, killed Chakradhar Swamy, He too was killed by Brahmins in the name of Dharma. Sant people were actually carrying on the work of Dharma. They were doing the work of justice. They were propagating for equality in society. Even then Brahmins killed our saints because Brahmins’ was not a Dahrma, it was conspiracy. If it was not conspiracy then why did they murder saints? What was the need? This is very important analysis.

If Dharma is means for humanism, mercy, equality and prosperity then why do these brahmin call change in Dharma as illegal? Dr.Ambedkar says ‘Man is not born for Dharma but Dharma is born for man.’ What does Dharma of Brahmins say? Dahrma of Brahmins says that Man is born for Dharma and Dharma is not born for Man. To say that Dharma is not born for Man is a Brahmanical conspiracy. In order to develop humanism and to promote its prosperity Dharma got created in the World.

If Dharma is created for man and Dharma is a development of humanism, this is ideal. Yet what is the practice of brahmin Dharma? Human being is for Dharma, Dharma is not for human being. That’s why this dharma is enslaving human being and it is one conspiracy.

That’s why whose ideal is reversed and any human being comes to know about this conspiracy and wants to be free by leaving this Dharma, then Congress State Assembly, Jayalalitha’s State Assembly enacts anti-conversion law. Jaylalitha in Tamilnadu, Congress in Orissa, again Congress in Madhya Pradesh has enacted religious conversion laws. With the passing of these laws has accepted brahmanical ideal that ‘human being is for the Dharma and Dharma is not for human being’. None of the BJP ruled states in India so far has enacted a law banning religious conversions. There are some other reasons for this. That’s why I very often say that BJP is dangerous, but congress is most dangerous. This is so because always hidden enemy more dangerous than open enemy. That’s why congress people enact laws banning religious conversions.

If Dharma is for the development of human being then human being must have total freedom to where ever Dharma/ religion he/she visualizes his/her development but Brahman Dharma is not a Dharma, it is a conspiracy. That’s why in religious scriptures, religious books said that laws must be enacted in order to strip mulnivasi Bhahujan Samaj of their rights; these laws are enacted and implemented. Whatever new and old literature of Brahmins that has been circulation our samaj must have access to literature to counter them. We have to create literature to counter literature of our enemies.

It is like soldier getting into the battlefield for a war and get onto battle field fully armed with weapons, exactly the same way we have to fight, if we face our enemy with rules of war and strategy then certainly we will be free. If we get onto the battle field without preparation then there is danger of us getting finished even before the war starts. That’s why we have to fight the war with full preparation. This is an ideological warfare.

Bright Message
Brahmanism (Hindu) religious and social system is such that you cannot come forward to accept its ideals because ideals are bad. You cannot try to reach the reality of these ideals because ideals are bad. No, it is worse than the current situation. There is nothing shocking in this. You consider brahmin religious system or brahmin social system and examine it from the point of view of social justice. It is said that religion is fine only when it is fresh and just. But Hindu (Brahman) dharma is like a false coin from the very beginning. Society’s social ideals are decided based on ideals of Hinduism and Hindu society has most corrupt and cruel influence. This is such a dharma that its objective is not freedom, equality, and brotherhood. This is one ideal, that rest of hindu society worships human being Brahmin gives offerings and service. This proves that this human being is born in one particular caste and lives to rule. Others are born to serve him, and not or any other thing. They do not have life of their own they do not have right to develop their own personality. This has remained an ideal of Hindu (Brahmin) Dharma.

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar
(Ranade, Gandhi, Jinnah)


  1. being grown up through RSS ideology , it is hard to believe , but prima facie it seems to be correct. ......... dont know what to say.

  2. When the Arya name came i stopped reading because i believe that world is one family. Your writing is wonderful. Once we can meet to discuss other matter, but once more when you divide human beings by using the brand name ARYA, i felt that it may become a new form of Brahmanism in future by dividing land for self gratification which is also dangerous.

  3. Meshram ji you have got the nerve. I fully agree that Aryans are invaders and aborigine people,tribal people and dravida people were original residents of this land. The conquerers gave the name shudra and asura to dravida wariors by defeating them. I read Dasa shudra slavery by Sharad Patil. Aryans devastated this land and by interbreeding they expanded. If genetic archeology is studied the genes shudra have are not different from those who call themselves Brahmins. R1a1 is the gene found in all of us. I met one young dalit journalist in Sakal Times who knows about genetic archeology and had studied it systematically.

  4. nice article, now these brahmins invented new Dharma" hate muslims". they talk everything except equality, honesty, justice, peace, humanity, universal brotherhood. so you can easily imagine about the facts behind their dharma.

  5. Hard to argue with that after reading all the references and quotes. And I strongly believe that religion is for man not man for religion. It is good to be devoted to a religion but blind devotion has led the country deeper into the conspiracy.

  6. All blatant lies in article.
    1)First invaders to India were greeks. They can't pronounce S. So Sindhu river became Indus & people hindu. Muslims came much later.
    2) Initially there were only 4 varnas. Bhrigu said every person will be born as Shudra & based on skill acquired varnas. Vyasa & Valmiki are called maharshi but they didn't belong to brahmin caste.
    3) As per original varna system, every person was allowed to follow single varna. So brahmin can't fight war or rule country nor do business to acquire wealth. Kshatriya can't do business or acquire knowledge. Brahmins has to give him wisdom filled advice to run the state. In this way arrangement was planned so that every group coexist with each other having their own role. People may find it wrong nowdays, but we have to accept that varna system was designed not to discriminate but to make everyone contribute based as per individual capability. It is just like merit list students go to science, average to commerce, arts & vocational courses based on marks which are supposed to be indicators of capabilities.

    1. http://drambedkarwritings.gov.in/upload/uploadfiles/files/Volume_03.pdf

    2. Read Dr. B. R.Ambedkar writings and speech vol.3 from above link.

  7. 4) Krishna & Karna despite being from lower section of society went on to became kshatriya,thus ruled own states, fought wars.
    5) Krishna did tried to stop war. He met Duryodhana with proposal of giving five villages to Pandavas. But Duryodhana felt it as weakness of Pandavas & refused proposal, instead tried to arrest Krishna.
    6) When it came to war, in Geeta he advised Arjuna to do his duty without anticipating results. Arjuna duty as kshatriya was to fight war against evil forces.
    7) The geeta told to kshatriya by kshatriya ( who grew up as herdsman or gurakhi) is acknowledged as dharmagrantha.

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