Friday 6 July 2012

SEZ: second phase of mulnivasi samaj destruction

Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha

SEZ – Special Economic Zone legislation came up in the Parliament in the year 2005. At this time Murasoli Marang was commerce minister. This legislation was passed in the Parliament on 10th February 2006 when Kamal Nath (Chindwada, Madhya Pradesh) was a Commerce minister.

(a)  First part of SEZ law: According to this law Indian Bania industrialists have got the right to buy 5000 hectare to 35,000 hectare of land. A farmer however has right to buy only 18 acre of horticulture land and 52 acres of farm land.

One hectare = 2.40 acre means nearly 2½ acre.

5,000 hectare × 2½ = 12,500 acre. 

35,000 hectare × 2½ = 87,500 acre.

This mean India’s bania industrialists are granted right to buy minimum  12,500 acre of land and maximum 87,500 acre of land legally. What is special is that they have a right to forcible buy mulnivasi farmer’s land. If land is not given for sale then they have a right to shoot. The evidence is of kalinganagar Adivasis who refuse to sell their lands and Navin Patnaik government shot to death 13 adivasis. These adivasi had not even piece of wood to counter State forces. This way unarmed adivasis were targeted for shoot outs by Patnaik government and 13 adivasis were killed. The police officer who carried on this was protected by Sonia Gandhi. In West Bengal at Singur and Nandigram same thing happened. What is special is that there is the government of Communists. Whether brahmin is of congress, BJP, Sena or Communists ultimately he is only a Brahmin. Communists proved this in Singur and Nandigram.  These communists are so dangerous that the oppose privatization, SEZ outside the Parliament and they remain silent inside the Parliament, they offer silent support. In Maharastra in Thane and Konkan this exactly this type of affairs are ongoing.

     One Important question:

Why should mulnivasi farmers give their land to India’s Bania industrialists? To increase their credit in the international market upto 1.5%. This means Indian Industrialists don’t even have 1.5% of credit in the international market. What is their credit percentage in the international market? In the international market Indian bania industrialists has only 0.07% credit. This is their merit. And these badmash people shout that mulnivasi people does not have merit

Indian Brahmins-Kshatriyas-Vyashas are but shudras in terms of merit in USA. This means Indian Bania does not have merit. They are not worthy. They are not worthy; they have no qualification to compete with others in the International market.

British used to say that Indian people do not have merit in them. SC, ST, OBC, Ex-CT, CM and women has no merit in them and Indian bania industrialists has just 0.07% merit in them. And now they want to make it 1.5%. For this reason they are wresting away lands of mulnivasi farmers lands. And if the land is not given then they are shot at.

One important part of this law is that only 10% of the purchased land will be used for industry and remaining 90% will be used for real estate. Real Estate means you can do anything with this land example mall, seven star hotel, airport, port for ships. You can build multi-storeyed building over one flat and these flats you can sell at the rate that you desire. In short you can do anything. If they really have to set up industry then they have to buy only that much land that is required for the industry and the land must be used only for the industry. But they have right even to re-sell this land.

During British era there was Land acquisition Act 1894. That time very few people’s lands were taken over by British and what is beneficial to the society was set up like pharmacies, hospitals, schools, colleges, government offices,, Bridges, Dams, Railway, Roads etc. In short foreign people use to take over lands of handful of people and lakhs and crores of people used to benefit from the land use. Today those who call themselves indigenous take over the lands belonging to lakhs and crores of people and who profits from them? Tata, Ambani, Mittal, Bajaj, Goenka etc industrialists. These bania industrialists supply money to Brahmins when the elections approaches and after elections these Brahmins protect the interest of Banias. They make laws that would protect their interest and promote their welfare. Mulnivasi MP transform themselves into the stick of axe against their own communities.

(b)  Second part of SEZ ACT:

Indian government will provide entire infrastructure facilities to these bania industrialists example electricity, water, land, and all other facilities. In addition there will be 15 tax holiday for these bania industrialists. They will not be required to pay any taxes. Taxes per year is 1 lakh 86 thousand crore. 1,86,000 crore × 15 = 27 lakh 90 thousand crore. This much taxes of theirs are waved off. This type of decision are however not taken in case of farmers. No taxes of farmers are waved off and that’s why 16,632 farmers were forced to commit suicide. Amongst them 90% of them are Maratha-Kunbi. There is not a single Politician, Businessmen and temple priest amongst those who committed suicides. This is very special of 2004 to 2009. But speeches farmers are referred as provider of the world. On these very providers of the world Eurasian Brahmins and their boot licking dalals and bhadwas are forced into such time when they are pushed into committing suicide.

(c)  Third part of SEZ Act

Where ever SEZ will be set up labout laws will not be applicable. There will be not right to form union for the workers. They will have to work for 16 hours and get the payment of 8 hours. Any worker will be fired from the job anytime directly. Any worker will be taken on the job any time. Any amount of workers will be retrenched any time. Workers will have no holidays. Workers will have no facilities whatsoever.  In Short in SEZ workers have no fundamental rights, and Indian Constitution was written to grant fundamental rights to every citizen of India.

(d)  SEZ Act’s most dangerous part four:

Whoever has prepared SEZ law has written that SEZ is deemed to be foreign territory. And this is passed by MPs in the Indian Parliament. Why is it written “SEZ is deemed to be foreign territory”? It is because in foreign territory the Indian constitution will not be applicable. This means they be turned slaves then if it happens then fundamental rights will be infringed upon. That’s why when they will be approaching the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court will then decide that in the land where you reside is part of SEZ and wherever there are SEZ territories your Constitution is not applicable. This means you will not get justice even in Supreme Court. The truth is that the fundamental rights that are granted to us are the result of hard fought battles by our Mahapurusha for 108 years. Nobody can destroy these fundamental rights. But SEZ Act destroyed these fundamental rights.

Indian Constitution is not applicable to Nepal as it is foreign territory. Indian Constitution is not applicable to Pakistan because it is a foreign territory.  Indian Constitution is not applicable to Sri Lanka because it is a foreign territory. After being declared foreign territory, Constitution of India will not be applicable to SEZs in India. Such a mighty dangerous conspiracy is being created against mulnivasi people we don’t even have even little information on it.

Atal Behari Vajpayee spend 15,000 crore to fight Cargill war, on a where there is only ice and no oxygen at all. Those who fought to get back these icy lands without oxygen we refer to not just patriot but as great Patriot. And now, the same Atal and Sonia declared crores of acres of fertile land as foreign territory under SEZ Act. Is this not an anti-national act?

It has not come to the public notice that not even a single MP from India has opposed SEZ in Parliament. What is the task of MP? The first and foremost task of MP is to prepare law that protects nations’ public interest and promotes public welfare. Do this is known to the MP excluding those who are Banias and Brahmins? If they were aware then will they have prepared the SEZ law of making India homeless and landless? Will they have supported and accepted it? This type 5000 SEZ are in the pipeline in India.

One SEZ has the requirement of minimum one lakh acres of land. Suppose 500 SEZs are set up in India’s 5000 talukas then in these 5000 talukas Indian Constitution will not be applicable. Remaining 500 talukas they will apply SEZ law later. This means SEZ Act will be applicable in the entire country. Indian constitution will not be applicable. Indian Constitution is the law of the land. If there will be no land then what is the meaning of the law of the land viz Constitution of India?

Such highly serious and highly dangerous conspiracies are implemented by the ruling castes and our mulnivasi people, activists, leaders, politicians, ministers are not even aware of little of it. It is the conspiracy of the Eurasian Brahmins to destroy constitution of India.

Through the medium of liberalization loans of bania industrialists are waved off.

Through the medium of Privatization employment of the mulnivasi via reservation is being destroyed.

Through the medium of globalization foreign multinational companies are being invited and Country is being pushed back into enslavement.

Through the medium of SEZ mulnivasi sons of the soils are being made landless and most of our educated people are not even aware of this. They are not sensitive about this; they are not serious about this. Brahmin-Bania media deliberately hide this information. And we read only that is published by brahmin-bania media, we see only that they telecast, and we do only that they tell us to do. Our position: body is our but mind is the control of Brahmins. We are bodily and economically strong but mentally weak. Misery in thought is the biggest misery in the world. That’s why we will have to destroy misery in our thoughts. The amount of fire that is prevalent in thought nowhere else is available. Thought is most powerful. When though is transformed then it is possible to transform other things because the root of transformation is transformation of thought.

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