Thursday 5 July 2012

LPG is a first phase of destroying mulnivasi bhahujan samaj

By Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha

1.    Liberalization:
(a)  Past 25 years India’s bania industrialists has borrowed loans to the tune of Rs.57,000 crore. Indian government for the recovery purpose has not even sent them simple notices. If mulnivasi people has loan of only Rs.50,000/- and if it not re-paid in then their house is raided. Their house and property is confiscated and auctioned. They are insulted more than anyone else. If anybody pockets Rs.50/- then police catch them and put them in jail. He is then declared criminal and charge-sheeted. While India’s bania industrialists deliberately did not repay the loan of Rs.57,000 crore. On these Rs 57,000 crore loan there was interest of Rs 1200 crore. That means 57,000 + 1200 = 58,200 crore robbed from Indian government by these bania industrialists. They were neither criminally charged nor were they put in prison. This is what the Liberalization is. You (bania industrialists) are betrayers and we (Indian government) treat you with respect and honor.  Last year Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh waved off loans of farmers worth Rs.60,000 crore and Congress trumpeted this in their campaign. At the same time Rs 2 lakh 31 thousand crore (2,31,000 crore) was waved off of bania industrialists. Entire brahmin-Bania media deliberately did not report this and maintained silence. This is what Liberalization is.
(b)  Those who have got black money P.Chidambaram assured them of converting them into white money. P.Chidambaram is the same  one who was beaten up throwing of shoe at a press conference in Delhi by a Journalist named Jarnel Singh. He is earlier Finance Minister and current home minister. P. Chidmabaram asked those with Black money to keep 70% of it with them and deposit 30% with the government of India. If the did this then their 70% will become white money. Who carries black money? Bania industrialists and businessmen. These people with black money loot mulnivasis people of India but P.Chidambaram saves them. This is what Liberalization is.
(c)  Earlier to shut down down any factory there was a need of 11 workers. Now if you want to close down any factory there is a need of 1000 workers. This means in any factory where there are 1000 workers it can be shut down at any moment. Any time it can be re-started. Anyone any time can be removed from the job. Anyone anytime can be taken on job. In short affairs of the factory can be carried as per the whims and fancies of the one who owns it.

2.    Privatization: the taxes that mulnivasi people pay is worth 8 lakh crore rupees. Indian government invested these 8 lakh crore rupees into:
(1)  Government undertaking companies and
(2)  Public Undertaking companies. In these government has 49% shares (investment) and public has 51% share. In these there are 2 crore workers. If you assume 50 % reservation then out of two crore people 1 crore workers are from mulnivasi Bhahujan samaj. The task of privatizing these companies has been undertaken by Manmohan Singh since 1991. This same Manmohan Singh today is the Prime Minister of India. Out of all the prime ministers he is the most miserable prime minister of India. He is till date most miserable Prime Minister and if Sonia Gandhi is at neighborhood then he looks even more miserable. In the beginning Manmohan Katri assured privatization of the companies that are running in loss. People felt good about this and people supported privatization then he privatized even profit making companies. This is called “Teeth for display are different from teeth to bite.”  Suppose all the companies of India are privatized? Reservation law contained in the Constitution of India will not be applicable here. This is a program of putting an end to reservations in different way in different hand and we keep on strengthening hand. If privatization takes place then there will be no reservations. If there is no reservation then there will be no jobs. Job is an inspiration for education. If after education there will be no jobs then why to study? This feeling will keep on rising, no is already rising. This is a program of enslaving mulnivasi people and after enslaving transforming them into animals. Indian constitution has accepted socialism and central government is carrying on privatization. Is this not anti-Constitution act?
Some examples of Privatization:

a)    A BALCO company is worth Rs.5000/- crore. Arun Shourie sold this company for Rs.551 crore. He sold people’s property so cheaply. Chhattisgarh government was ready to buy it for Rs 3500 crore even then it was sold for 551 crore. This is an incidence of bright day light dacoity. BALCO Company is located on adivasi lands. For the progress of the country Adivasis has given this land to the company. Even this land was sold without consulting adivasis. Government cannot sell adivasi land. Even then it was sold. Adivasis approached Court of law. Court too decided against adivasis. This means in this conspiracy not only ruling party, opposition party in involved but also the Court. This is not the program of Foreign Direct Investments but it is a program of our destruction.
b)    Centaur Hotel in Mumbai was worth Rs.1000 crore. In this public had 51% shares. One man purchased this hotel for 83 crore and sold it for another one for Rs.115 crore. He has not even seen the hotel. Only carried on paper work. By sitting he made profit of Rs 32 crore. Can you another example like this in the world? He sold it then to the third party for Rs.650 crore. If it was sold directly for Rs 650 crore then this Rs 650 crores would have been deposited in the government treasury and this amount could have been used for the welfare of the people of India through various schemes. But in order to enrich his caste blood brothers Shourie did this way. This is privatization.
1)    Globalization: In this 27,000 multinational companies are knocking the door of India. This is because India is world’s biggest market and India’s mulnivasi samaj is biggest consumer class. Policy deciding whether to allow them entry in India or not is called Globilization. In the year 1600 one British company entered India and enslaved us for 150 years. If these 27,000 companies then what is going to be our situation? This needs to be thought about. One multinational company has got the employees that are as many as employees that Maharastra government has (between 12 to 15 lakh)

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi in 1942 told British to quit India and today Sonia Gandhi, Atal and Communists are telling these companies ‘Welcome to India’ with red carpet. Mulnivasi people must think as to what patriotism is this because this is of mulnivasi people and not of Eurasian Brahmins!

Indian Parliament has passed a law to provide protection to these 27,000 companies. They will be allowed to keep up to 100 armed police for their defense.

If one multinational company keeps 100 armed police then 27,000 multinational companies will have 27 lakh armed police with them. The size of Indian military is just 16 lakh. And what is special about all this is that the guns that these multinational companies have are no ordinary guns. What type Satwant Singh and Behant Singh to shoot Indira Gandhi. And AK-56 guns those were found with our Sanjay Dutta, Munna bhai. Perhaps that may be his Gandhigiri. And what kind of guns Indian military has? First thing is that our guns don’t work. If they work then they cannot shoot from a distance. If shot from distance bullets miss their intended target and if they hit target by mistake then man is not killed. If entire report of the Kargil war is read then this truth surfaces upfront.

Like this 27,000 companies want to enter India and MP from all the political parties have their support to these companies. Some have openly supported other have supported through their silence.

This means that LPG is modern manusmriti. It is a modern Peshwayee. Constitution has accepted socialism. Eurasian Brahmins has started privatization. LPG is against the constitution of India. There is no evidence of any single MP of any political party speaking out on this. LPG is destroying people and the MP who are sent into the Parliament to defend people are not speaking anything against LPG. Not only this except Brahmin-Bania MPs none of other MPs have even simple imagination of what the LPG is.  Today in Parliament OBC has 200 MPs, SC+ST together should have had 119 MPs but they have 126 MPs and Muslims have 18 MPs. 200+126+18=344 MPs. Total MPs in the Parliament are 543. Out of that 344 MPs are Mulnivasis. On the strength of 2/3rd majority they can oppose LPG. But they don’t. The reason is Poona Pact. The fundamental objective of Poona Pact is to prevent representatives, fighting representatives, debating representatives, public interest upholders representatives from getting elected. This Poona Pact is just not applicable to SC+ST but it is indirectly applicable to Maratha-Kunbi-OBC, converted mulnivasis at party level. These MPs from SC, ST, Maratha-Kunbi-OBC and converted mulnivasis while getting elected speak about their communities and after getting elected carry on the work of their respective parties. Because the parties had given them tickets to contest elections. That’s why they have to listen to them alone. Otherwise next time they will not be given ticket to contest next election. This means the Poona pact enslaved MP, enslaved representatives, what is the plight of the common people? This is all effect of Poona Pact. People elect these representatives to speak in defense of their interest but these representatives just don’t open their mouths in the Parliament. They lock their mouth with big lock from Godrej Company. This is because who should speak in the Parliament and who should not is decided by the Party high commands. This is result of Poona Pact and Poona Pact took place because of Gandhi.

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