Friday 27 July 2012

Part 2: Ruling Castes' betrayal of Adivasis

By Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha

Are Adivasis free?

Is mulnivasi adivasi free in free India? This question because saw that our enemies has pushed 20 crore 85 lakh people of four categories of mulnivasi bhahujan samaj to the brink of hunger and malnutrition. The largest victims of hunger and malnutrition; which is directly an issue of social genocide.

If in free India there is hunger and malnutrition then how free are we? If we are free then why there are hunger and malnutrition? This question itself is evidence that we are not free. And if we are not free then we have to fight for freedom, successfully. In order to make our freedom struggle successful it is important to know that our intellectuals, most of them are brainwashed. Because of this brainwashing they are not able to speak their own thoughts. Whenever they open their mouth to speak it looks like Brahmin is speaking.

The freedom struggle movement that Gandhi carried on, Dr. Ambedkar never believed it as our freedom struggle movement. There are written proofs of this. Babasaheb used to publish fortnightly newspaper titled ‘Bhahishkrut Bharat’. In one of the editorial of this newspaper Babasaheb writes that, ‘Those whose words we cannot tolerate in slavery, we will have to take their kicks in Freedom!’ This is a written proof that Dr.Ambedkar was not involved in the freedom struggle carried on by Gandhi.  Gandhi was a slave of British. Brahmins were slaves of British, and we were slaves of Brahmins meaning were double slaves (slaves of slaves).  It was not the program to free those enslaved by Brahmins but it was a program of freeing themselves through the medium of Gandhi, and in this they used people like Barrister Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel.

There were elections for the post of President of Congress Party. 99.99% majority support of Congress working committee was with Sardar Patel but Gandhi betrayed him and nominated Nehru as his successor. Sardar Patel came to know that Gandhi had chosen Jawaharlal Nehru as his successor 10-15 years ago.

When the conspiracy of Gandhi assassination was going on that time Sardar Patel came to know about it before anyone else. That time Sardar Patel remembered that at one point of time Gandhi too had betrayed him. When opportunity came then Sardar Patel did not take any steps towards defending Gandhi, and that’s how Gandhi was assassinated.

When Gandhi was assassinated that time Sardar Patel was Union Home Minister. After Gandhi’s assassination inquiry commission was set up. Commission asked Sardar Patel in clear word that from the files available to us it is clear that you had prior information of Gandhi’s assassination, then why did you not take steps to protect Gandhi? Sardar Patel had no answer to this question. Could Sardar Patel have answered that “Gandhi had betrayed me that’s why I did not try to save him!” This example proves that Gandhi’s struggle was the struggle of the upper castes; in this Sardar Patel was used.

If adivasis think that freedom struggle led by Gandhi was for the freedom of adivasis then their thinking is totally wrong. The struggle led by Gandhi was to fool Adivasis. Gandhi had delegated this responsibility to Thakkar Bappa so that Adivasis could be involved in the freedom struggle and the strength of the adivasis people could be used by Gandhi to free his fraternal relatives. When Gandhi would be free then the need to fee Adivasis would have come to an end. Gandhi did not carry on the work of freeing Adivasis, that’s why adivasis are enslaved till today.

What we call freedom today is not the freedom of Adivasis. Today even science is providing evidence to this statement. It is proved from DNA research that the DNA of Brahmin, Kshatriya and Vyashya matched with DNA of Eurasian people. That’s why these people are not the mulnivasis of India. This means that on 15th August 1947 one European left India and second European became ruler of the Nation. The second European who became nation’s ruler declared that India has become free.

Due to their misinformation India’s mulnivasis got influenced and even though being enslaved began to live under the illusion and believed them to be free. That way there are many types of sicknesses but illusion is dangerous psychological sickness. In the minds of the 85% of mulnivasis an illusion has been created that we are free. Foreign Aryan Brahmins through a serious conspiracy spread this misinformation. Not only information, after British departed from the Country everything and everything came in their hand, that’s why they only and only betrayed mulnivasis. That way they betrayed all the mulnivasis but maximum betrayal was with Adivasis. This was betrayal by Congress. What is surprising is that till today 90% adivasis are connected with Congress. Because of connection with congress adivasis become victims of betrayal. Gandhiji connected adivasis with himself but never connected himself with adivasis. Adivasis were connected with Gandhi and Gandhi was connected with Brahmanism, in this way adivasis connected with Brahmanism. Biggest betrayal of adivasis took place because they connected themselves with Brahmanism.

Out of 58-59 years of Independent India 45 to 50 years congress party had its government in India. Adivasis had big role to play in order to sent Congress to Centre. As soon as Congress reached centre Adivasis were perfectly managed. Forget about providing constitutional right to adivasis, they made sure that adivasis don’t even come to know what is written for them in the Constitution.

Forget about illiterate educated adivasis people must be asked the question whether they had seen the Constitution. Educated people, it is possible might reply that we have not seen but definitely heard about it. Adivasis who took Congress to centre has not even provided the information then practically do they wish to give them anything? Ruling caste people do not wish to give anything.

We are satisfied in spite of them not giving us anything. Why are we satisfied? This is because we do not know as to what is our and what is not.

Constitution contains every detail of rights but adivasis do not know anything. Adivasis are displaced for the past 50 years. They do not have any means of livelihood; that’s why, in order to work they move migrate here and there. The man who is displaced from his own area, how can his children go to school? This is so because civilizations develop when people are settled at one place. For the past 50 year no work has been done to promote adivasis development and welfare. In the budget of Rs.100/-, Rs.99/- are spent on administration and only Rs.1/- is spent on development. When there is no critical evaluation then from where adivasis development will take place? No program for social, economic, educational development has been enforced.

Welfare centers were opened in the name of Vanvasi Kalyan Kendra and from this medium carried on the program of religious polarization of Adivasis. In this way we see that Adivasis got out of fire and got into ashes. There is burning sensation in fire that’s why they went to ashes but here too is fire.

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