Sunday 15 July 2012

Reservation, a must for Marathas-Kunbi-OBC

Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha

1)    Maratha-Kunbi bretheren must get reservation.
2)    Unitll Maratha-Kunbi bretherens are included in OBC they will not benefit from Central reservation. That’s why Maratha-Kunbi brethren must be included in OBC.
3)    Tamilnadu formula must be used. Today there is 71% reservation in Tamilnadu.
4)    There must be caste-based census of Maratha-Kunbi and OBC and according to it reservation proportionate to the population must be granted.
5)    Supreme Court celing on reservation at 50% must be cancelled.
6)    Maratha-Kunbi brethren must even be granted political reservation proportionat to their population. They have reservation at local self –governing bodies such as Pachayat Samitis, Zilla Parishad, Nagarpalika, Mahanagarpalika from 1983 when 73rd and 74th amendments were brought about. But they have no political reservation at State Assembly and Lok Sabbha.
7)    All the above points must be accomplished through caste based census; as after 1931 caste based census did not take place. Actually deliberately it was not carried on.
8)    Rashtriya mulnivasi Sangh will support reservation if demanded by anyone. This is so because we are supporters of reservation. We are not anti-reservation.  Even if Euressian Brahmins demand reservation even then we will surely grant them reservation proportionate to their population means 3.5%. We will not create injustice against them. For the past 5000 years they created injustice against mulnivasi people and in all fields kept reservation with themselves. Actually after taking such a great benefit none from their community should be poor. And suppose after taking all the benefits there is “Poor brahmin” then they should be declared as “Nalayak” (ineligible) and these Nalayak Brahmins must be allotted reservations from their 3.5% quota. This is so because in terms of reservation we do not wish to create injustice against anyone. Only condition is that it should be granted proportionate to population. “Whoever popupulation is bigger, proptionatate in their share”. This is called real democracy. How if this becomes reality? If every jati is given reservation proportionate to their population then none will feel bad about it. No one will have reason to be upset. Not even Euressian Brahmins!
9)    Only the people in their respective categories must get SC, ST,OBC reservation. No other people from categories outside these must be recritied under the pretext that candidates are not available to fill up the respective post.
10) For this purpose training must be imparted to prepare respective category candidates. Now for example 432 open category candidates were selected in IITs. Why? It is said that candidates from reservaed seats could be found. This must happen. For this only OBC category children must be trained and OBC category seats must be gratned only to OBC category. For this if required government must start training for IIT, IIM or UPSC.
Today 168 families from Maharashtra have destroyed democracy. Nehru family has subverted democracy. Democracy has been throttled. Single Nehru family had a post of India’s Prime ministership for 37 years. This transformed democracy into brahmanocracy.  They changed republic, democracy or rule of the people into Brahmin rule. Lots of intellectual people from mulnivasi Bhahujan samaj through the Brahmin-Bania media say that Indian democracy is world’s great and biggest democracy. They say this with great pride. This is not a democracy but biggest drama. In the language of north India it is called ‘Nautanki’. In the name of democracy it is brahmanocracy. Four pillars of democracy 1) legislature 2) Executive 3) Judiciary 4) Press; today all these are under brahmanical capture. This means that this is brahmanocracy. This is not democracy.

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