Wednesday 11 July 2012

What is mean by Power?

Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha

“To remain free from internal influences and take decisions is called Power.” Babasaheb used to say there is a difference between Power and Position. Eurasian Brahmins gave Position to our people, not Power. Our people considered Position itself as Power. They understood Position as Power. This is a delusion. Delusion is one mental illness.

Position means Post. They will make you MLA, MP, Minister, Deputy Chief Minister, Chief Minister, but they do not give you right to take decisions. That right remains with High command. Ministership, Red-light car, driver to open the door, bungalow, servants, all this is called Position and not Power. They gave our people Positions but not Power.

Maratha-Kunbi in Maharastra is nominated class. It is not the ruling class. Like how earlier in Delhi there used to be Badshah and all the Sardars once a year used to visit him with a big present and they used to bend in honor and use to offer their presents. Why Sardars used to bend before Badshah? It is because that was a position given by Badshah and not power. Even today Maratha-Kunbi MLA-MPs had to go to Delhi and succumb before High Command; bend and salute.

Farmers erect scarecrow in the paddy field. Why? To scare away birds. Birds think that this is a real farmer but it is actually scarecrow. Similarly public in Maharashtra feel that this is a Chief minister but he is a scarecrow like Vilasrao, Ashokrao, all Raos because Power is with Brahmins and they gave Positions to Maratha-Kunbi, Power not given.

All this is a consequence of Poona Pact. What happens because of it?

Those roaring in Maharashtra are forced to cry in Delhi.

Those strong and rough in Maharashtra are force to become weak and polite in Delhi.

Those issuing orders in Maharashtra are forced to take order in Delhi.

Those giving directives in Maharashtra are forced to get directed in Delhi.

Those speaking loud in Maharastra had to shut their mouth into silence in Delhi.

Those who raise their paws like Tigers-Lions in Maharashtra are bound in Delhi.

Those who speak the language of rebellion in Maharashtra are forced to cool off in Delhi.

Those who speak the language of struggle in Maharashtra had to submit themselves in Delhi because power is in the hands of Delhiates. They may not have power in Latur, Solapur, Nanded or Baramati…

Maharashtra those who are Tigers and Lions, in Delhi they are reduced to Goats and Sheep.

In Maharashtra those who fight and shout with their blasting throat, once they are in Delhi they gift away their throat and withdraw.


1.    In the last Assembly elections had 69 MLAs elected while NCP had 71 MLAs, even than Chief Minister was of Congress. NCP was given two posts of Ministership more but Chief ministership was not given. This is called power.
2.    Before this means in 1995 Alliance government of Shiv Sena-BJP came to power. Here Shiv Sena had 71 MLA elected. Amongst there there was only two Brahmins 1) Manohar Joshi 2) Sudhir Joshi (Uncle- Nevhew). The rest of 69 MLA were non-brahmins mulnivasis. In that Maratha-Kunbis was in majority. But Manoharpant alone became Chief Minister and this is called Power.

Today Maratha-Kunbi people are angry because they are not giver reservation. In order to get the votes of these angry Maratha-Kunbis, Sharad Pawar is declared as Prime Minister. They feel that due to this Maratha-Kunbi’s Marathi identiy will get awakened. Now NCP worker carry on the propaganda that “This time, Sharad Pawar Prime Minister. They claim that that only Sharad Pawar will become Pantpradhan. But Sharad Pawar is not the Pant. But NCP are not aware that Sharad Pawar is not a Pant only it is possible to become Pradhan only if one is Pant. Sharad Pawar is not even Rao. There is no question of him being Pant. In Peshwaee means Brahmanism –

1)    Brahmin has - Pant
2)    Kshatriya has – Rao
3)    Vyshas has – Chandra

These titles were awarded and for Shudras were treated like dust and that’s why was titled Kerba, Like garbage that why titled Kachru, Like stone that’s why titled Dagdu. Like a Dhondea that’s why titled Dhondiba. And that way lot of mulnivasi has surnames like this. Like what? Kale, Kolhe, Landghe, Vagh, Pandhre, Ughde, Bhogle, Gadve, Ukirde, Narsalle, Hirve, and Tamdbe – like this filled with hatred.

Most of our people cannot even translate an English word “Prime Minister”. ‘Prime’ means Pradhan. ‘Minister’ means Mantri. Meaning Marathi translation of ‘Prime Minister’ is Pradhanmantri and our people, activists, leaders, ministers translate the word ‘Prime Minister’ as Pantpradhan during the election campaigning. This is so because one need only the Pant (Eurasian Brahmin) as Pradhan.

Out of 395 articles of the Indian constitution the very first arcticle says ‘India that is Bharat’. This is the only article that is not translated into Marathi. What is translated in Marathi? ‘India, that is Bharat’ in the very article of the Indian Constitution the name of the country is made certain. Why Babasaheb did this? This is so because Babasaheb knew that after him these clever Euresian Brahmins will translate Bharat into ‘Hindustan’. They should not do this that’s why Babasaheb deliberately translated ‘Indian, that is Bharat’, and members of all the parties especially leaders, their ministers, and even agriculture minister too while campaigning refer Bharat as Hindustan. This is a betryala of the Constitution. This is a violation of the Constituion. If agriculture minister calls bharat Hindustan then he considers himself as Hindu, and if he considers himself as Hindu then he accepts Varna System, and if he is accepting Varna system then he decalares himself as Shudra, and how can Shudra become Pantpradhan? It is written in manusmriti that in the kingdom of Shudras Brahmins must not stay. That’s wise wise, understanding; knowledgeable person must use the word Pradhanmantri instead of Pantpradhan, and Bharat instead of Hindustan. Because if in this country Constitution was not there and Manusmriti was there then all these Raos would have to toil in the paddy field or go on doing odd jobs, and this is said by great historian hon.M.Deshmukh.

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