Thursday 19 July 2012

Part 1: ‘Brahmin Dharma’ is a conspiracy to make mulnivasis slaves

Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha

Words as weapons

‘Brahmin Dharma’ is not a religion but a conspiracy to make backward classes and all the mulnivasis slaves. The second meaning of this is that ‘Brahman Dharma is not a religion, it is a conspiracy. It is like how Lohia is believed to be great Socialist.  At one place Lohiates met me. While discussing with them I said Lohia believed in Brahmanism. They said ‘No, Lohia did not believe in Brahmanism.’ I said 'Yes he did not believe in Brahmanism but in great Brahmanism'.  Today words have great importance. In democracy it is banned to use objects like knives, swords, guns; for it is an offense to use them; in Democracy only those succeed who knows to use words.  Today word is a weapon. Today you can succeed only if you are able to put weight in your words.  You must know to use right words are right time with right meaning. Our enemies did this and they succeeded. We must not forget this point.

Bad word is named religion

Today what Brahmins call Hindu Dharma is not Hindu Dharma, it is ‘Brahman Dharma’. If Brahmin propagates it as ‘Brahman Dharma’ then non-Brahmins will reject it saying that it is a religion of Brahmins we have no relation with it. This is a very important point. Our enemy knows this very well. Dayanand Saraswati set up ‘Arya Samaj’ in 1875 and propagated it. Dayanand Saraswati did not start ‘Hindu Samaj’. That time he had rejected the word ‘Hindu’ saying that it is a bad word given by muslims and they termed themselves ‘Arya’. How come those till now believed the word ‘Hindu’ as a bad word given by muslims gave this very name to their religion and propagated it? This is because they knew that if they call Brahman Dharma as Brahman Dharma then non-Brahmin will distance themselves, and will reject this religion. They will recognized Brahmins dharma very easily. That’s why foreign Arya Brahmins named their Brahmin Dharma as ‘Hindu Dharma’ and propagated this word to enslave backward class and to downgrade.
The word that Arya Brahmins believed as a bad word given by muslims propagated this very bad word as a pride of their religion thereby hiding Brahmin Dharma under the name of Hindu Dharma. This is like a son is born in the house of Tiwari or Sharma or Joshi and naming him as Mohammad Tiwari or Mohammad Pandey or Daud Ibrahim Joshi or Musharaf  Togadia. If the son was born in the house of Brahmins then they would have given their own name; this did not happen. 

‘Hindu’ word is not of the Brahmins. This word is a word that has been given by foreign muslim invaders. Yet this word is used and propagated by Brahmins to fool and downgrade the people of backward classes and all the mulnivasis; that’s why they use the word ‘Hindu Dharma instead of ‘Brahman Dharma’.  Today Brahmins spit venom against muslims the whole day from morning till night yet have adopted the name given by the same muslims. They have accomplished the task of inciting backward classes and other mulnivasi bhahujan samaj against muslims.

Rescue of Brahmin Dharma in the name of ‘Hindu’

Why do Brahmin do this way? This is because the use of ‘Hindu Dharma’ provides shield to protect ‘Brahmin Dharma’. This gives an opportunity to Brahmins to hide under this shield. 

We have seen so far that Brahmins turn liberals to hide. Brahmins turn Socialists to hide. Brahmins turn secular to hide. Brahmins turn Gandhians to hide. Now, after the research it is discovered that at largest scale Brahmins hide under the name of ‘Hindu’. When Babri masjid had to be demolished then Brahmin did not go there. He takes a decision that that Kalyan singh will have to go there. He will become Hanuman of Advani. He has to be converted from Human being into Monkey. This decision Brahmin takes. When in Gujarat muslims had to be slaughtered, Children has to cut into pieces then Narendra Modi is sent there. Brahmin takes a decision that this task has to be accomplished by Narendra Modi.

Under the tutelage of Brahmins Narendra Modi gave rise of brahmin terror in Gujarat. It is propagated all over the country, all over the World that for this carnage Narendra Modi and only Narendra Modi is responsible. In law there is criminology; in that there one who commits a murder is less responsible but the one who plans the murder is real criminal. To propagate the name of Narendra Modi all over the World is an issue of shielding Brahmins, to protect them. This is important point to tell so that we understand as to how Brahmins use not only Narendra Modi as their shield but entire OBC and backward classes as a shield to protect Brahmins.
In the same way in order to protect Brahmin Dahrma they propagated Hindu Dharma so that the real face, the real form of Brahman Dharma can be hidden, and this poison they can spread amongst backward classes and mulnivasi bhahujan samaj; that’s why they started to use the word ‘Hindu Dharma’ instead of ‘Brahman Dharma’.

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