Wednesday 25 July 2012

Part 7: ‘Brahmin Dharma’ is a conspiracy to make mulnivasis slaves

Bright Message

Brahmanism (Hindu) religious and social system is such that you cannot come forward to accept its ideals because ideals are bad. You cannot try to reach the reality of these ideals because ideals are bad. No, it is worse than the current situation. There is nothing shocking in this. You consider brahmin religious system or brahmin social system and examine it from the point of view of social justice. It is said that religion is fine only when it is fresh and just. But Hindu (Brahman) dharma is like a false coin from the very beginning. Society’s social ideals are decided based on ideals of Hinduism and Hindu society has most corrupt and cruel influence. This is such a dharma that its objective is not freedom, equality, and brotherhood. This is one ideal, that rest of Hindu society worships human being: Brahmin, gives offerings and service. This proves that this human being is born in one particular caste and lives to rule. Others are born to serve him, and not for any other thing. They do not have life of their own. They do not have right to develop their own personality. This has remained an ideal of Hindu (Brahmin) Dharma.

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar
(Ranade, Gandhi, Jinnah)

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