Saturday 14 July 2012

How did reservation reached zero today?

Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha


1)    Through liberalization Indian Government waved off 25 year old loans of India’s Bania industrialists amounting to Rs. 57,000 crore and interest of Rs. 1200 crores. In addition waved off the current loans of 2 lakh 31 thousand crore ruppees. Beside turned their black money white. This is in opposition to the Constitution of India. In short instead of sharing concern for 100 % of India’s population cared for only Bania industrialists. This is against Constitution.
·         Due to Privatization reservation granted via constitution got destroyed. Indian Constitution accepted socialism. And those in whose constitution is have accepted privatization.
·         Through Globalization 27,000 foreign companies invited into India and are enslaving the country again. This is against Contitution. So far whenever India has been enslaved it is always only because of Eurassian Brahmins; now too same process is under way.
2)    Through SEZ mulnivasi people’s land was taken away by force. Central government (Government of India) has placed this responsibility of taking away the land, on every State government. This is a program of making Bhumiputras landless. This is against Contitution of India.
3)    Transformation of individual trade into global business is leading to the destruction of 4 crore individual traders businesses. This is against Indian Constitution.
4)    Privatization of Higher and Proffesional Education is underway and as a result class of people creating awakening, organizing will not come into existence.  This is being ensured. This is against constitution of India.
5)    Primary and Secondary school education is being deliberated pushed into mess. Deliberately the budget kept for education is just 3.24%. This is against Contitution of India.

In Short jobs of the workers are being taken away. Lands of the farmers are being forcefully taken away. Individual traders’ businesses are being shut. To ensure that intellectual class does nto get generated Higher and Proffesional eduation is being shut down. What is special is that these workers, farmers, and individual traders are all mulnivasis. And the Indian Constitution is written to grant rights to the Indian mulnivasi people. Manusmriti has taken away rights and privileges of these very mulnivasi people.

This means every item is going against Constitution of India. This means Indian Constitution has been ended. No speaks against this either in the Parliament or in the State Assembly; the reason: Poona Pact. Poona Pact created silent people who will not speak. The chief objective of Poona Pact is that the real representatives in the democracy should not be elected.  Today Indian Parliament has 200 MPs from OBC communities, 119 from SC, ST communities and 18 Muslim MPs. That means 200+119+18=337 means more than two-third. But these 337 MPs has not right to speak even a word in Parliament. The reason: Poona Pact. Such a vast destruction is taken place with our mulnivasi brethren, the work against Indian Constitution is ongoing, and even then not a single MP speaks out in Parliament, reason: Poona Pact.

Our mulnivasi people consider politics as struggle, agitation and organsisation. Actually Politics is different from struggle-agitation and organization is different. Exactly this is not known to lot of our mulnivasi people activists, leaders and even intellectuals; this is very sad and regrettable reality. Those who consider themselves as stalwart intellectuals, thinkers, economists beg with Congress or NCP for a single seat. And what is special is that they do not get even this one seat in response of their beggary. Actually these intellectuals and thinkers must have awakened unawakened people, organised unorganized people, they must educate them, and they must develop self respect in them. Phule-Shahu-Periyar-Ambedkar never agititated for getting bhakar (Food item in India), the great struggle that they waged solved the problem of Bhakri (Food). Those who does not have self respect in their own roots, how will they create self-respect in others? When they don’t have it in them how will be shown outside? In Short Indian Constitution is not effective.

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