Tuesday 10 July 2012

India's all-round ruin by Eurassian Brahmins through Poona Pact

Waman Meshram, President, Bharat Mukti Morcha

In Short 1) LPG 2) SEZ 3) Globalization of Retail marketing 4) Privatization of Higher and Professional Education 5) Destruction of Primary and Secondary Education, all this is consists of a program that is opposed to the Constitution of India. This is program of destroying the Constitution without touching it. This is their national agenda. In spite of all this our public representatives are silent. They have right to speak but they do not speak. The reason “Poona Pact”. Poona pact is there to make sure that Public representatives do speak in favor of public. That’s why today what ever problems are there of the India’s Mulnivasi bhahujan samaj the root cause of it is “Poona Pact”. That’s why Poona Pact is a document of our bondage.

From 1848 our Mulnivasi Bhahujan Mahapurush used to struggle to give us our rights. That time our people used to ask British for whatever they need and British used to be ready to grant us what is asked but Eurasian Brahmins use to oppsose. What is important is that our Mahapurushas never asked anything with Eurasian Brahmins, they asked with British but Eurasian Brahmins used to oppose. Due to struggle of our Mahapurushas and co-operation of the British our Maharapurshas succeeded in winning lots of facilities and one of that is the Constitution of India. In spite of opposition from Eurasian Brahmins our mulnivasi Mahapurush succeeded in winning rights through Constitution. As Eurasian Brahmins could not tolerate this they found a new way to destroy the Constitution without even touch it. This new conspiracy means 1) LPG 2) SEZ 3) Globalization of Retail marketing 4) Privatization of Higher and Professional Education 5) Messing around with Primary and Secondary Education. And what is the effect of this?

Today in India there are 83 crore people who are victims of hunger.

Today in India there are 83 crore people whose daily income is only Rs.20/-

Today in India there are 27 crore people whose daily income is only Rs.11/-

Today in India there are 24 crore people who get only one meal a day

Today in India there are 21 crore people who do not get two meals per day

Today in India – in the past 10 years 1 lakh farmers committed suicides and this year (2009) 16632 farmers committed suicide.

Today in India 12.5 crore youth – males and females are unemployed

Today in India 7.5 crore children are bonded laborers

Today in India 12 crore people live in slums

Today in India 25% of people have no access to safe drinking water

Today in India 65% of people are not even aware that Constituion of India exists in force.

Today in India 30 lakh people are beggars

Today in India 20 lakh people face atrocities

At a time when British left India 18 crore people were living under poverty line

Today in independent India 70 crore people live a life below poverty line. Now instead of poverty line death line has emerged, new line of death due to hunger.

When British left India 18% people were illiterate and today in independent India over 60% people are illiterate. This is a consequence of anti-mulnivasi bhahujan samaj policies of Eurassian Brahmins. What is most important is that in the above statistics there is not a single Brahmin-Bania. All this is a consequence of LPG and SEZ. This is consequence of transforming individual retail market into global business. Due to the LPG program that was started by then Finance Minister and today’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh (Khotri) what has come about is this:

In 2004 India had 09 billionaires

In 2006 India had 36 billionaires

9 × 4=36 means four fold increases in number of Billionaires.

In 2008 the number of billionaires in India shot up to 56. This is a consequence of LPG. Who are these billionaires? Tata, Birla, Ambani, Bajaj, Darda, Mittal, Goenka etc they are rich but country is poor, begging, and below poverty line. 

All this is result of Poona Pact and Poona Pact took place because of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. This means whole and sole person responsible for the destruction of Mulnivasi bhahujan Samaj is Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. All this happened as real representatives could enter the Parliament and to make sure that these real representatives do not get elected to the Parliament is the real objective of Poona Pact. That’s why Dr.Ambedkar used to say that if Poona Pact takes place then hang me to the electric pole and Gandhi used to say if Poona Pact does not take place then I will commit suicide. From this the readers will understand as to how dangerous the Poona Pact is. Dr.Ambedkar was not ready to sign Poona Pact because he wanted to send real representatives in the Parliament. Gandhi desired Poona Pact?  Because he wanted to sent those will depend upon the mercy of the upper castes (dalals and bhadwas) to the Parliament. This means that Dr.Ambedkar wished to make SC, ST, OBC, Ex-CT, CM and Women means mulnivasi people a ruling community. While Gandhi and wished to make only brahmin-Kshatriya-Vysha (Bania), these foreigners into ruling community. This was the real struggle between the two. And both were ready to give up their lives to achieve their objectives. Conclusion: Dr.Ambedkar was wished to free mulnivasi people from the bondage of the Eurasian Brahmins means bondage of Gandhi, and Gandhi wished to make us slaves back again. If Poona Pact was acceptable to Gandhi then:

1)    Why he had to establish independent Labour Party in 1937?
2)    Why he had to establish Scheduled Caste Federation (SCF) in 1942?
3)    Why he had to create separate provisions in 1950 Indian Constitution for SC/ST/OBC/Ex-CT/CM and Women?
4)    Why he had to convert in 1956?
5)    Why if Poona Pact takes place then he was ready to go to gallows?

Ambedkarite intellectuals must search answers to these questions.

This Poona Pact is directly applicable to SC and ST but it is indirectly applicable to Maratha, Kunbi, OBC and converted mulnivasis at party level. This means that today Poona Pact is applicable to all the mulnivasis. This means that mulnivasis real representatives, fighting-combating representatives, the representatives who are makers of public spirited laws, representatives with the spirit of struggle for society, representatives who will speak up for society, representatives with public interest, representative that will make laws social interest and welfare, are unable to enter the Parliament. Exactly this is the aim of Poona Pact. Because of this Dr. Ambedkar said that he will rather prefer to be hanged on the electric pole than sign Poona Pact. That’s why today those from Maratha jati MPs and MLAs get elected are not the real representatives. If they were real representatives than there would have been no need for placing demand for reservation, there would have not be 90% Marathas amongst those farmers committing suicide. From this it is proved that Maratha-Kunbi jati MPs and MLA are not the real representatives of Marathas. So far even one temple priest or businessmen has committed suicide? No. Because temple priests (Brahmins) and businessmen (Vyashya) has their real representatives enter Parliament and after entering they look after the welfare of their caste. Earlier this is known to Maratha-Kunbi brothers that sooner their welfare will take place.

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