Thursday 12 July 2012

Marathas: a serious issue, a serious hint

Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha

A reservation for Marathas is not the issue in front of the state Assembly and state politics. Maharashtra Assembly has a right provide reservation only within the limits of Maharashtra. It does not have right to provide reservation across the Country. This must be kept in mind by the members of the public and agitators. NT, DNT, VJNT since having state reservations has suffered tremendous loss.

1)    NT, DNT, VJNT has state reservations. That’s why they can answer MPSC exam and can occupy the post of Tehsildar. But they cannot answer UPSC exams based on this reservation and qualify as IAS (Collector), IPS, IRS, IFS. Similarly based on these reservations then can contest elections and enter the State Assemby as MLA but based on this reservation they cannot contest elections and Parliament as MP, and country’s affairs are solely carried on by MPs and IAS officers, meaning higher ranked officers.

This means that NT, DNT, VJNT class of people are strong, able and powerful in the State but in Centre it is weak. Intellectuals from Marathas must keep in mind that this situation must not come on Maratha brothers.

2)    Opportunities for employment are more in Centre that in State. Outside Maharastra these NT, DNT, VJNT are nowhere and outside Maharastra they are classified as OBC. Clever politicians in Maharastra for the purpose of winning their votes have granted them separate reservation.

Dr.Ambedkar has furnished guidelines under article 46 for the Ex-Criminal Tribes to include in SC, ST or OBC categories. So far no State has included these Ex-criminal under SC, ST or OBC category. This is because central reservation is applicable only for three three categories 1) SC 2) ST 3) OBC.

That time Dr.Ambedkar used to say ‘degrade your caste’ because caste is not the matter of pride. Caste is slavery. But at this time Gandhi told our people specially Maratha-Kunbi-OBC ‘Upgrade your caste’ and considers your caste as great. That’s why Mali instead of considering himself as Mali started calling himself ‘Kshatriya Mali’. Sonar instead of calling themselves sonar, started calling themselves as ‘Dayvadnya Sonar’. Sutar instead of calling themselves Sutar started calling themselves Vishwakarma Sutar etc etc. If these mulnivasi jatis had listened to Babasaheb Ambedkar that time then all the 6000 jatis would have become SC, and today times would have not knocked on us to say throw us in ST, throw us in truck, throw us in Tempo. That time itself we would have got transformed into ruling community and all our problems would have been solved. Maratha-Kunbi-OBC instead of listening to Dr.Ambedkar, instead of accepting his leadership listened to Gandhi and accepted Gandhi’s leadership that’s why Maratha-Kunbi-OBC are compelled to demand reservations today. Truly Marathat-Kunbi-People are destroyed soley because of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Even then Maratha-Kunbi-OBC people believe Gandhi as their messiah.

SC and ST got the leadership of person like Dr.Ambedkar, strong, intellectual and honest. That’s why in 1932, 15 years prior to independence SC and ST got the reservation and they benefited in terms of their welfare.  OBC-Kunbis found the leadership of person like Gandhi the betrayer-bania, that’s why till today they have to demand reservation. This is an effect of leadership, effect of choice of leadership. Chatrapati Shahu Maharaj says “Leader of wolf is only wolf, leader of deer is deer alone, means their respective speicie animal becomes a leader. How come then Brahmin-Bania becomes the leader of mulnvisis? If Wolf becomes the leadership of Sheep then what will be the consequences?” This is exactly the plight of Maratha-Kunbi-OBC due their acceptance of leadership of Gandhi. With the support and collaboration of Maratha-Kunbi-OBC Gandhi forced British to vacate India and handed over power to Brahmins and re-enslaved us. Now if want to get our freedom back then we will have to re-build nation-wide agitation for liberation. Some clever people from OBC say that Marathas must not be included in OBC list. If they are not included in OBC then they will get the state level reservation only like the case of NT, DNT, VJNT; they will not get the reservation at central government level. Just the way NT, DNT, VJNT suffered the same way Marathas also suffered. This is a serious issue that activists must take note of. Without causing any harm to OBC, Marathas can be included in OBC list. Based on population percentage will increase. For this purpose the 50% reservation limit fixed by Justice Chandrachud will have to be removed through Constitutional amendment via Article 368 of the Indian Constitution. Only honesty is necessary. What justice is it that 50% population of India – women are sought to be given 33% reservation and for 52% OBC just 27% reservation? There ought to be thinking and reflection on this point as well.

Chief Minister is Maratha and Chairman of the commission is Baput (Eurasian Brahmin)

Chief Minister is Maratha and Chairman of the commission is Saraf (Eurasian Brahmin)

Why is it so? This is because Chief Minister alone cannot provide reservation to Marathas. In committee the opponent of the reservations for Marathas – Saraf - was inducted as a member.

Objective: To deny reservations to Marathas. Due to reservation intellectual class keeps developing. In order to develop intellectual class like this Mahapurushas like Phule, Shahu, Periyar struggled for their entire lives and won reservations. This is in order to create ruling community and not the backward community. Reservation is not crutches; it is shield and helmet for protection. Today it is aid that Marathas are ruling. If this is so then how many Marathas directly passed UPSC exam conducted by National Public Service Commission and enrolled as IAS officers? In Maharashtra today Brahmins rank first and Mahars rank second in passing of UPSC exam and enrolling as IAS officers. What is the rank of Marathas in this? This question must be asked by our Maratha-Kunbi brothers to Maratha politicians. If today intellectual are formed from the reservation to Marathas then they will kick the 68 families that are engaged in politics. That’s why Maratha Politician does not wish to provide reservation to Marathas. The meaning of appointing Baput commission and Saraf Commission is to deny reservation to Marathas. This is only a hint. Which one?  It is to appoint Eurasian Brahmins as the Chairman of the Commissions and deny reservations to Marathas. It is said that “fot the understanding one hint is enough” but as Maratha-Kunbi brother does not have key knowledge they have not understood anything from this hint. That’s why they are taking undue advantage of our ignorance.

Today we see large number of people from SC and ST who are qualified as SSC, HSC, Graduate, Post graduate. But this percentage is less amongst Maratha-Kunbi brothers. Maratha politicians take advantage of this situation and create newer and newer conspiracies to deny reservation.

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