Wednesday 19 September 2012

Part - 1: Revolution and counter-revolution in modern India

Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha

Analysis from the perspective of movement

In order to know and understand the subject ‘Revolution and counter-revolution in modern India we have to bring about fundamental transformation in our method of thinking. The available volumes of Phule-Shahu-Dr.Ambedkar, the people who are analyzing these books, I believe they are making biggest mistake. They analyze these books from academic point of view; this is wrong. This is because; if Phule-Shahu-Dr.Ambedkar Mahapurushas wrote any books or have taken any decisions then their review cannot be done solely from academic point of view. The people who do this are not able to explain true meaning of these books to people. If in present times those historical events are not analyzed properly then in the present times the history that has to be used as asset; will not be possible to do so. What will happen with this? This will result present generation that is entitled for proper guidance, will be deprived of it. The books written by Mahapurushas Dr.Ambedkar, Rashtrapita Jyotibha Phule are also thought about in the same way. They are studied mostly in academic perspective.  While these Mahapurushas when they wrote these books they did so in order to articulate the policy of their agitations. If the Mahapurushas wrote books in order to articulate the policy of the agitations then agitations are the context of the text of these books. If agitations are the contexts of these books then if we analyze anything out of context then there is a danger that it will give us wrong meaning. Exactly this is what repeatedly happened in the past so often. That’s why when we have danger from this interpretation, and if we want to go ahead keeping the contexts of the agitations of our Mahapurushas ahead then we have to analyze by keeping the context of agitation in mind. The leaders of any agitation take decisions, why do they take decisions? They do not tell their strategy to anyone and neither their strategy can be disclosed to anyone. If strategy cannot be revealed then it is left without any written evidence.

What is written is literature. What is not written is strategy and what is not written is not available for reading. If the analysis is carried on based exclusively on written literature then number of dangers arises in order to understand the movement. That’s why those who want to carry on the agitation of Phule-Shahu-Dr.Ambedkar ideology they must first recognize context and after understanding context carry on the analysis of the available literature. By doing this it would be possible to distil correct meaning of the thoughts in present times. With this it would be possible to carry on the awakening in the present times.

It would be possible to know and understand in present times, and if it will be definitely possible to understand as to how to carry on our fights, our struggles. After all, the fight has to be fought in the present. History will have to be deployed and used merely as resource. If you try to understand only history then and will not try to understand the present then it is not possible to fight this fight in the present. If it is not possible to fight in present times then you will not be able to achieve your objective. With them there is lot of dangerous possibilities of distractions and diversions. That’s why those who wish to carry on the agitation with this in mind it are very important that they keep these points in mind.

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