Monday 10 September 2012

Part 12: Jati: a practical weapon to split society

Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha

Jati – a symbol of Counter Revolution

Brahmins are creators of Varna System. They are creators of Varna Dharma. Varna was disintegrated, Varna system ended and after that Tathagat Buddha’s revolution took place. After revolution of Tathagat Buddha counter revolution took place. And Jati is a symbol of counter revolution. Jati did not come about in natural way. Creation of jati is not natural but artificial. Brahmins created Jatis as an asset of conspiracy. In order to insert mulnivasis in their system they made them Shudras. As far issue of identity is concerned in Vedas our identity is Daitya, Danav and Rakshas.

In Puranas Dev-Asur war story is well known. In Puranas there is a story of struggle between Dev and Asur. In this story Asur are our ancestors. Similarly Dev are Aryas’ ancestors. Aryas are known as ‘Dev’ and evidence of this is available in Vedas in written form. After this they created Varna System and by creating this system we mulnivasis’ basic identity was changed; new identity ‘Shudra’ was given. In history we do not have any certain identity.

Asur, Rakshas, Daitya, Danav all these identities merged into Shudra as new identity. This identity as Shudra is also an identity given by Brahmins. When counter revolution took place Jatis were named and names of jatis too are given to us by our enemies to our people. In modern India Gandhiji said Girijans, he said Harijan and today RSS and other Brahmanical people call us Hindu. In history every time our identity was changed. This work of changing identity was done by Brahmins every time.  When Gandhiji gave the name of ‘Harijan’ to our people that time Babu Jagjivanram Babu formed his separate organization  and he named this organization as ‘Dalit Varg Sangh’. Babasaheb Dr.Ambedkar in his literature and specially Marathi literature never used the word ‘Dalit’. He presented the ideas first as ‘Mooknayak’ and then as ‘Bahishkrut’. For some time he used the word ‘Untouchable’. Not only this, for these untouchables he gave a new identity in the Second India Act where he called them ‘Scheduled Caste’. Those who were believing in one jatis, likewise for 1000-1200 jatis he gave a single name.

On its own this is a revolutionary act. Our people only move about giving slogans of ‘Zindabad’ but they do not have any information about the agitation that Babasaheb Dr. Ambedkar carried on. ‘Scheduled Caste’ is a single name for thousands of jatis. Moving ahead in order to connect all these thousands of jatis Babasaheb Dr. Ambedkar even formed from an organization named ‘Scheduled Caste Federation’. Meaning of the word ‘Dalit’ is oppressed people, victimized people, so then how come this word became liable for shouting with pride?

We are victimized and we are proud of it, can it happen like this? Those people speak about transformation must never use words like this, words that can prove to be hindrance to the transformative agitation. If we create words, then we must also posses right to change these words. Suppose I create the word ‘Dalit’ in the interest of my samaj, but if this word is proving to be hindrance to the transformative interest of the same samaj then I must have right to abandon this word.

If it is not happening this way then I myself has created obstacle to the transformative work, have to say like this only. If transformation is the law of this world and if you behave in a manner opposed to transformation then world will move ahead but you will stay where you are. Time will move on but you will be left behind. Time will never wait for you.

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