Thursday 6 September 2012

Part 8: Jati: a practical weapon to split society

Waman Mehsram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha

Jati is Brahmin given identity

‘Jati’ is not our fundamental identity. If this statement is true then what is our fundamental identity? ‘Jati’ is an identity given by Brahmins. So Brahmins carried on the task of delivering identities, that’s why Brahmins planned all this on their own. Those who planned must have thought about their benefits too. If their benefit is in creating jatis then what is that benefit? There is no benefit to us. ‘Jati’ is not our identity. Our fundamental identity is ‘mulnivasi’. This ‘mulnivasi’ identity is not the identity given by Brahmins. Brahmin will never agree to say and recognize you as ‘Mulnivasi’. Even if you request him he will not be ready to recognize you as ‘Mulnivasi’. ‘Mulnivasi’ is only a word. Brahmins can see danger even in words. This is our identity. Those people opposed to this will never address you as ‘mulnivasi’. Brahmin will never call you and believe you as Mulnivasi. For them to call you Mulnivasi is not below danger mark.

For them it is dangerous to give identity of ‘mulnivasi’ and we also don’t give identity of ‘mulnivasi’ to people. We declare this loudly only because in reality we are Mulnivasis. By accepting our identity as our identity we tell people that we are Mulnivasis. With ‘Jati’ identity our lower status is realized. If you ask any brahmin as to what is his jati? Then he says ‘I am Saraswat Brahmin.’ If his face is of 32, while telling it becomes 72. Exact opposite of this, if you ask any Chamar, any Kurmi, any Ahir as to what is his jati? As soon as he faces the question he reacts as if it a moment of snake bite. His face of 36 becomes 18.

When we are asked about our jati then there is psychological effect on us. This is because jati demonstrates our lower status. We realized this. Word ‘Mulnivasi’ does not make us realize our lower status. ‘Mulnivasi’ word feels us with inner pride. The feeling of defeat that jatis created in us gets destroyed. If you say to any Brahmin that ‘you are a foreigner’ then his face of 36 will be reduced to 18. His fair face turns dark. To generate feelings is also great achievement. Where there is no success, over there even to create a possibility is big task.

In the history of our people there is no visible success. If in the present times if you do even this then it generates feelings of pride. By calling oneself mulnivasi feeling of pride gets generated. Feeling of defeat ends. Feelings of defeat are a mental illness. 85% people are held captives by Brahmins into this mental sickness. The entire mulnivasi society has been kept into this sickness by Brahmins. The sickness is psychological therefore its treatment is also psychological. ‘Mulnivasi’ is one medicine. This medicine is also created by doctor. Sickness is psychological therefore medicine is also psychological. The more this medicine will be spread out that much this sickness will get reduce. One precaution needs to be taken, that is Panditji must not be informed of this medicine. Our people are over enthusiastic. This should not be the case. We must learn from our weaknesses, from our mistakes and have to march forward in learning spirit. There is no alternative to this. ‘Jati’ identity creates feelings of defeat in us and that’s why we have to create such an identity by which feelings of pride will get generated. This ‘Mulnivasi’ identity that generates feelings of pride in us is our identity. We have to create this identity in the minds and mental set up of our people.

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