Tuesday 11 September 2012

Part 13: Jati: a practical weapon to split society

Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha

‘Jati’ as an identity is based on Brahmin Dharma

 Jati identity was created by Brahmins based on brahmin Dharma. Brahmins brought about counter revolution and before counter revolution we had a definite identity. Due to revolution by Tathagat Buddha mulnivasi people used to relate, used to identify with Buddha and before revolution Buddha had a common identity that identity is ‘Shudra’. ‘Shudra’ is a name that was given by Brahmins to mulnivasis. Shudra was a common name to all the jatis.

That’s why it was easy to unite all the jatis with the idea of Shudra and as a result under the leadership of Tathagat Buddha revolution took place in this country. Shudras were majority. Brahmins learned lesson from this fact that even if these people have wish to unite they should not unite so easily, unity should be difficult task for these people. Keeping this in mind when counter revolution took place people with common identity were divided into 6,000 jati pieces.

Jati system was created, culture of jati was created. All this is Brahmin Dharma, all this is created by Brahmin Dharma. Jatis were created by Brahmins. Brahmins nurtured jatis. Brahmins carried on the task of sacrificing for the Jatis. Brahmins carry on the task of preservation of jatis and strengthening of jatis because Brahmin sitting on top will fall down. Greater height from where he falls that much damage he will suffer. This is known very well to the Brahmins sitting on the top of the caste hierarchy.

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