Thursday 20 September 2012

Part 3 : Revolution and counter revolution in modern India

 Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha

Burning problem of our times 

Babasaheb Dr. Ambedkar had begun writing ‘Revolution and Counter Revolution in ancient India’ but few episodes Babasaheb could not complete. From this book we can get lots of stuff to know and understand our present. Today we are told that the biggest problem of our present is the ‘Hindu-Muslim’ problem. This problem was existing even in the freedom struggle, this problem created Pakistan and even after creation of Pakistan this problem has persisted.

If it is accepted that Hindu-Muslim problem is the biggest problem then from the perspective of Hindu-Muslim problem, if attempt is made to know and understand India’s history then it can be said that when Muslims came to India from that time onwards the problem of Hindu-Muslim is existing in India. When there were no Muslims in India then what was the problem? I don’t think that our people are reflecting on this.

When Muslims were not there in India then what was the biggest problem? And if there was some other problem then what happened to it? Is it flown in the air? Is that problem ended? Or is it the case that the people, who tell that Hindu-Muslim problem is the biggest problem, are they keeping it suppressed? This is because the solution to the problem will take place later, first it needs to be put up for discussion.

Is Hindu-Muslim problem a biggest problem? By making this question an epicenter is it not that with the intention that solution to this problem should not come, they are not allowing even a discussion to take place on it? Is it not that in order to cover up this issue they are presenting before us something else all together deliberately? I believe that by telling that Hindu-Muslim problem is a biggest problem, the people who make us to view from the perspective of ‘Hindu-Muslim problem’ are preventing the issue of Varna system, Jati system, and untouchability to come in the domain of public debate. This is so because by getting this issue in the domain of public debate is leading to danger.

The people who do not want to solve this problem do not allow this problem to be discussed publicly. And that’s why they are saying that Hindu-Muslim problem is the biggest problem attempted to create present system, or are attempting. People involved in Phule-Shahu-Dr.Ambedkar movement must remain on maximum alert who call themselves socialists, egalitarian writers. Inside them there is Brahmin historian, these Brahmin historians also go about by taking the same line. We have to be alert from the rascals going ahead in this line.

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