Friday 7 September 2012

Part 9: Jati: a practical weapon to split society

Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha

Jati, a mental state

Generally it is seen that every member of his jati takes pride in his respective jati.  And as long as every member of that jati shares pride of that jati, no believer of that jati can go against that jati. And as long as jati people will not stand in opposition to their jatis, it is not possible to carry on the task of eradicating jatis.

This is because task of eradicating jatis is essentially the task of creating mindset of jati people against jatis.  We people keep on saying that ‘jatis should be eradicated’. But in reality people who keep saying this do they prepare people’s mindset against jatis? And if this mindset against jatis does not come about then not a person will be ready to go against jatis. That’s why fundamental source we have to understand properly. The people who want to eradicate jatis will not be able to do so just by slogans to eradicate jatis, nor will they be able to eradicate jatis. Why so? This is so because jati is a mental state.

Can anyone prove Jati in its physical state? For example like pen or spectacles is seen physically, can jati be seen physically this way? No physical shape of jati is visible. If people from two different jatis are made to stand facing each other, then their physical shapes are same but their jatis are not same. Jatis do not have any physical shape; this fact is proved from this example. Not only this: Jati is a mental state, this fact is proved from this example. I am Kurmi, I am Maratha, I am Mali, I am Teli, I am Mahar, I am Chamar, like this people from every jati believe. Every jati person takes pride in this fact. And as long as every person has pride of this fact he will carry on protecting, nurturing, and preserving jatis. That way if you look carefully; there is no need to protect and nurture slavery. But when mentality of nurturing is developed then he nurtures slavery.

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