Friday 14 September 2012

Part 16: Jati: a practical weapon to split society

Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha

Jati: an organization to disintegrate society

‘Jati’ is also one organization but this organization is for disintegrating society. As it is an organization to disintegrate society, jati has performed the task of giving strength to  Brahmanism.  As Brahmanism strengthened, our psychological slavery also strengthened. Meaning, by forming jati based organization we carry on the task of strengthening our psychological slavery. That's why we give our time, our labour, our money. Today ‘jati; is the biggest weapon of Brahmin Dharma and Brahmin Dharma is a conspiracy to make Mulnivasis people slaves. Today if you are slave then it is solely because of Jati.

If you want to be free then first of all you have to create mindset against Jatis. These jatis will not end so easily. Those people who believe Jatis, these people’s minds negative feelings of thirst towards jatis need to be created.

Slave enjoy in slavery

Varnas disintegrated and transformed into jati but brahmin Varna is intact till today. Only Shudra Varna has been disintegrated. From this it is clear that jatis are created only by Brahmins. They created sub-jatis. The result is that Jatis and sub-jatis proliferated to such a high numbers and went on increasing that jatis came to be formed into small small pieces.

Today no jati is ready to say that slavery is not acceptable to us, instead of this jati people say that it is impossible to end jati system. Giving definition of Jati Brahmin says that what is not Jati is Jati. In this way Brahmins has made such a mindset of our people that if ‘Jati’ is not the Jati then whats a point in knowing what is Jati is? By making small small pieces of Jatis our capacity to fight Jati system got finished. This is so because today no single Jati has capacity to end bamani system. Every Jati has pride in its Jati.  When one man takes pride in ones Jati then naturally he denigrates other Jatis. Upper Jati hates the Jati lower to it, lower Jati hates upper Jati.

Hatred and denigration are two different things. With the dismembering through Jatis and sub-jatis our capacity to end Jati slavery ended, and then slavery continued in perpetuation. This slavery is so dangerous that not even a simple thought to end it comes in our minds. As every Jati is proud of itself two different Jatis are not coming together against Brahmanism.

In spite of the fact that every Jati being in slavery none are coming together because every Jatis loves its existence. In today’s date Jati is not just a Jati but has become an institution. When any issue transforms into institution then it is not possible to end it easily.

Today slavery of Jati has become so permanent that our people are enjoying the life in slavery. Slave enjoy in the slavery. Because of this, keeping all these things in mind, it is of utmost necessity to generate appropriate mindset amongst mulnivasi Bhahujan Samaj.

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