Thursday 27 September 2012

Part 10: Revolution and counter revolution in modern India

Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha

Formation of Hindu Mahasabha

Brahmins founded Hindu Mahasabha in 1922. They thought that if right to adult franchise is made applicable to India then Shudra, Ati-Shudra people will right to vote and if from every electoral constituency non-brahmin gets elected then only natural that non-brahmin will become Member of Parliament. That’s why they planned that people are united.

Shudra, Ati-Shudras must be united but how? I it is possible to unite them under the name of Hindu then naturally their leader will be only in the hands of Brahmins, and in these changed circumstances irrespective what the right to adult franchise is, Brahmins will continue to dominate. With this thought they formed organizations; ‘Hindu Mahasabha’ in 1922 and ‘R.S.S’ in 1925. If Jyotibha Phule’s revolutionary movement’s influence is kept in mind then Hindu Mahasabha is founded in Maharashra only, and it is not founded in any region outside Maharastra, what is the reason for this? The is revolutionary movement of Jyotibha Phule, that’s why Hindu Mahasabha and RSS are founded in Maharashtra. No effect is felt without cause; effect is in front of us, the cause needs to be searched. Similarly we see that Hindu Mahasabha and Congress, both these fronts were countering right to adult franchise. Congress mainly is biggest front of Brahimins. Lots of our people’s minds are changed that’s why they cannot evaluate this way that Congress is biggest brahmanical party.

Once in BAMCEF central office one Professor entered and tried to explain to me that this Congress is a burn brick, and BJP is stone, that’s why burn brick is little stronger. Then I sent one activist to fetch burn brick. After activist brought burn brick I asked that Professor whether I should hit you with burn brick first or stone. He said “Why?” I replied to him “I do not believe anything without experimenting, that’s I want to experiment whether burn brick is stronger or the stone! I will believe after experimenting.” I asked him “If I hit you your head with burn brick then what happens?” He said “head will break.” Then again I asked him “If I hit you with stone then what happens?” He said “Head will break”. Then I said “By hitting burn brick head will break and if I hit head with stone it will break then why are you fooling me that burn brick is strong and stone is soft?” That’s why this is a matter of thinking, matter of awakening; because you will have to know that battle will be fought later, decision will have to taken prior as to against whom battle is to be waged, only then battle will be fought, this is not understood then how the battle will go on? For this it has to be decided certain as to, who is the enemy?

Agitation is an academic matter, because the people who are lecturers they get their paper written, they read it. They do not have any basic understanding of fighting battles. Professor go in seminars that are academic, there are no discussions there about fighting battles. There are no battles fought there only eating and drinking takes place there, they get reimbursements of their travel tickets, and also air conditioned locations for staying purpose. They are even entertained to some extend. In order to fight the battle if is needed to take prior decision as to against whom battle is to be waged against. This is a very important decision. Those who do not take decision they cannot carry on any agitations. This is a practical thinking. First decision has to taken and then you can reach to a certain objective.

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