Wednesday 26 September 2012

Part 9: Revolution and counter revolution in modern India

Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha

Danger to Brahmins from right to adult franchise

Brahmin people thought that if shudras and ati-shudras get right to adult franchise then people will contest elections. For thousands of years power is in the hands of Brahmins, they are dominating in ruling. With adult franchise along with Brahmins people of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes also emerge as claimants of power, the Brahmins in India face danger.

Their ability to hold on power is threatened. In order to face this danger then prepare plan and as that plan the use Hindutva. Hindu word is in the middle of it because I have my own contemporary analysis that when Brahmin form any organization in the name of religion then its leader is always Brahmin. This is because for thousands of years Brahmins have remained leader or Purohit . If Brahmin has remained leader of religion, he has been in the leadership of religion for thousands of years, that’s why if he will create an organization in the name of religion then its leader will be Brahmin. Assume there is an organization named ‘Maratha Mahasang’ then how can Brahmin will be its leader? Brahmin cannot be a leader, but if the organization is formed in the name of religion then Brahmin will be its leader.

First time Shiv Sena had 72 legislators elected to Maharashtra Assembly, in that there were two Brahmins: Sudhir Joshi and Manohar Joshi (uncle and nephew).  It is a matter of understanding that uncle and nephew, both are in the race for Chief Ministership. Out of 72 legislators only two are Brahmins, and both of them are claimant of Chief Ministership. Out of them one man becomes Chief Minister. 70 people are non-brahmins, but they are only for the sake of rising of hands. When organization is formed in the based on religion then Brahmin is its leader, that’s why those people who tried to form an organization based on religion naturally their leadership remains in the hands of Brahmins.

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