Thursday 13 September 2012

Part 15: Jati: a practical weapon to split society

Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha

Applying animal system on Mulnivasis

When animals has their Jatis then why not humans? When Brahmins thought about this then they reached to the conclusion that animal system must be applied on mulnivasis. In order to apply this system Brahmins must have faced lots of difficulties. As long as this system will not be applied, mulnivasis will not become animals, and as long as they do not become animals till then Brahmins will not be able to sit on their backs, Brahmins must have thought this way.

With this type of thinking Brahmins applied animal system on mulnivasis and not only this, in order to keep this system perpetuating for long term they enforced endogamy. Marriage outside Jati was banned. If girl marries outside Jati then Jati system may come under threat. That’s why Kanyadan system was developed and marriage outside Jati was banned. In order to save Jati, Sati system came into existence.

In order to preserve Jati women were used, this fact is proved from DNA tests. Jati is a weapon of Brahmanism. If Jati is strengthened then Brahmanism gets strengthen. By forming Jati based organizations Jatis become strong. When one Jati becomes strong then the reaction comes from another Jati. And afterwards the second Jati also will form its organization.  In this way the reaction will keep developing.

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