Friday 28 September 2012

Part 11: Revolution and counter revolution in modern India

Congress: Party that stands to protect interest of Brahmins

That time names of RSS and Hindu Mahasabha, and Congress were popular, and that time Congress was the biggest party in defense of the Brahmin’s interests; that’s why when in 1920 Bal Gangadhar Tilak died, Chatrapati Shahuji Maharaj also died and Gandhiji rose to be biggest Congress leader.

Gandhiji’s India arrival

When I used to go to Gujarat I always used to say that Gandhiji was a bania. Once one activist asked me in Rajkot ‘you always say that Gandhi was a bania, do you know as to what type of Bania was he?’ I said ‘I only know that that he was a Bania. I do not know anything more than this, and I do not think that I need to know also.’ He said ‘No, no, it is important that you know.’ Then I said ‘tell me, what the matter is?’ Then he told me ‘Gandhi was a modd  bania.’ I asked his as to why was he telling me this. Then he replied ‘this is very special matter that’s why I am telling you.’ The utter a Gujarati saying, ‘Kodd saaro par modd nahi saaro.’ I asked his ‘what is the meaning of this?’ He said ‘it means that ‘leprosy marks that come on human body are tolerable but not the modd bania. This bania is even dangerous than leprosy marks on human body.’

This saying emerged in Saurashtra where Gandhi was born and brought up. How do sayings come about? They come about with thousands of years of people’s understandings and experience, based of these saying are formed. Over there Modd variety of bania reside and based on their behavior with others, with understanding and experience the saying that people composed is ‘kodd saaro par modd nahi saaro’. Gandhi was mode bania, and how dangerous modds are, he explained with another dramatic example to show as to how frightful people are of these modd banias. He gave me an example of bania speaking to his man over telephone and says ‘hello Korodimalji! I have sent delivery of your stock, but be alert!’ the second person over the phone asks ‘What’s the matter? Why are you telling me to be alert?’ Then the person this end speaks ‘The person with whom I have sent delivery is a modd. Please be alert.’ When even another bania is scared of this bania then how dangerous he could be. Gandhiji was a bania of this bania jati. This bania formulated a plan.

He formulated a plan after the death of Bal Gangadhar Tilak in order to take leadership of Congress party, this was very important plan. Gandhiji came to India in 1916. Gandhi was not even in India. Lots of people are not aware of history. In 1916 he came to India and went straight to Poona, ever there he made Gopal Krishna Gokhale as his Guru (teacher, guide).  This teacher told his student ‘for two years don’t jump into politics’.  Then student asked ‘what should I do?’ Teacher answered ‘go and travel all over India.’ When Gandhi traveled across India for two years he came to know one secret, that secret is India’s public believes less in leaders and more in Sadhus and Mahatmas. Then Gandhi planned that if India’s public believes more in Sadhus and Mahatma’s then it is better that instead of becoming leader to become Sadhu and Mahatma.

Gandhiji took off his clothes and public declared him Mahatma. People thought that this person is not illiterate. He is a barrister. If illiterate person has taken off his clothes then people would have called him mad, but this man is a barrister, but what type of Barrister? Jawaharlal Nehru, Dr.Rajendra Prasad, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and Babasaheb Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar were all graduate barristers, but Gandhi was a metric Barrister. If it was in my authority then I would have added a plus and saved Gandhi his dignity but is not in my authority. I wish to save Gandhi from his dignity yet I cannot save him.

Ganndhiji was Metric Barrister but still he was Barrister, that’s why people thought that if this Barrister person is taking his clothes off then definitely there will an extra-ordinary reason, this person does not look an ordinary person.  Such an educated person who returned England with an degree of Barrister, if this person is taking his clothes off then definitely he is not an ordinary person. That’s why people declared him ‘Mahatma’. Gandhiji thought that if common people are left out of freedom struggle then the value of freedom struggle will not increase, and if the value of freedom struggle is not increased then we will not be able to achieve our objective in freedom struggle.

That’s why with pre-planning Gandhiji faked himself as Sadhu and Mahatma, and there was one objective behind this faking, that common people can be influenced so that with influence common people can be used for the purpose of attaining the objective of his own freedom. In this manner Gandhi got himself in a position of whole and sole Congress leader.

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