Monday 6 August 2012

Part 1: Creation of fear amongst Muslims and to multiply it is the biggest act of communalism

Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha, Speech delivered in 2002

Creation of fear amongst Muslims and to multiply it, is the biggest act of communalism. Creation of fear amongst Muslim people and to multiply itself is the biggest act of communalism. This subject is brought in front of you is very important aspect. In order to clarify all the aspects this subject is placed in front of you.

First of all I wish to tell you that here the word ‘communalism’ is used; I wish to tell you in the beginning itself that in democracy words themselves are used and experimented  as weapons in order to create public opinion. Those people who owns media make these words which are not popular, popular. This is very easy for those people who have electronic and print media with them.

You must be aware that in this country print media is under the control of Brahmins and Banias, that’s why Brahmins and Banias we have even carried on nationwide agitation. This Brahmin-Bania media control print media, and electronic media is under government control. It is important to understand that in democracy 85% votes are yours and in democracy those who have 85% votes must have their rule. This is an ideal of democracy. Those who have more votes must also have their government.  But in our country majority of voters do not have their government. Minority of voters have their government. That’s why 85% of people who are likely to keep control over the government that’s why in order to control their minds and mindset different strategies have been adopted at different times according to the situation words are adopted to be deployed, this is our discovery. Whose discovery? This is a discovery of those believing in Brahmanism that want to declare themselves as progressive and that’s why accuse BJP of being communal. These is no dispute that BJP is communal but those believers of Brahmanism in order to hide their Brahmanism  in order to show off that they are opposed to BJP publicize and accuse BJP of communalism amongst our people, in our society, in our jatis. These are our enemies. They are our hidden enemies. BJP is open enemy that can be seen. It is easy to fight BJP, our people are even aware of it. But our people are not aware of the hidden enemy who accuse BJP of Communalism in order to carry on works of Brahmanism. It is important to understand those people and those aspects. They go on spreading communalism in hidden manner.  Most of the jatis are facing biggest danger from them. Because of this there is no danger from BJP as it is an open danger. More danger is from those people. Because of this I want to make it clear to you that there are 11 to 12 per cent Muslims in our country and if they unite 100 percent; even if they unite under the slogan that Islam is in danger it is not possible for them to put BJP in danger but will only strengthen BJP. We have computerized analysis of the places with strong reactions from Muslims.  We have computerized analysis of the last Lok Sabha elections that wherever Muslim settlements are sufficiently large over there BJP candidates are elected. This point is worth reflecting over for it is a very serious aspect. I wish to tell you that even if 100 percent Muslims unite with the slogan that Islam is in danger and even if they succeed in 100 per cent unity then only BJP’s Brahmanism will come in danger but not Congress Brahmanism because it is hidden. Congress Brahmanism is most dangerous because it is hidden. Now after 25 years of campaign we have little bit weakened Congress Brahmanism now we have to weaken it little more. In the coming five – ten years if we weaken Congress little more, then already Congress people have gone to the feet of Kanshiram in future situation will be worsened for Congress if it is weakened little more. This will have to be done; it will be done in immediate future.

Lots of people say that what strength do BAMCEF people have that it could do this? Do they know what the strength is? People count our total of our volunteers. They do must not know that in those numbers there is no effectiveness. Its effectiveness is its capacity to create public opinion, this is an inner capacity. I want to tell you that basically if 100 % Muslims unite then Brahmanism does not come in danger. If SC and OBC people unite then Brahmanism comes under total danger. It is worth understanding that it is SC, ST, OBC people have kept Brahmanism alive, and they have preserved Brahmanical system intact.

If these people are awakened then Brahmanical system will come into danger, that’s why BJP carry on hate campaign against Muslims. They don’t carry on this hate campaign amongst Brahmins or higher caste people; they carry this hate campaign amongst our people. They enter our settlements and say “Proudly say we are Hindus!” They don’t say in their settlements because there is no need to say anything in their settlements. They enter our settlements and shout slogan “Proudly say” and our people respond “We are Hindus!” It is worth to think and reflect that SC, ST, OBC class gather have preserved and protected Brahmanical system, if they unite amongst themselves then Brahmanism will face risk of collapse. That’s why BJP people, RSS people create hatred against Muslims and spread this hatred in our settlements. And when this hatred is internalized in us then it is natural that Atal Behari Vajpayee, Advani, Thackrey, Murli Manohar Joshi emerge as our leaders. It is natural that our people will come under the influence of organizations carrying on hate campaign. But I wish to tell you the second aspect as to why BJP people carry carrying on the hate campaign amongst our people. They aim at Muslims but their target is OBC class. Try to understand that if Muslims even if then unite 100 per cent then their system is not connected to Brahmanical system; it is under the influence of Brahmanical system. So even if 100 per cent Muslims unite then Brahmanism is not deprived of its strength. If those who kept Brahmanical system alive unite then the system will come under danger. This possibility creates fright amongst believers of Brahmanism.

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