Monday 27 August 2012

Part 17: Burning problem of Mulnivasi Muslims

 Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha, 2009 speech

Who made Barrister Antulay Chief Minister?

Instead of discussing amongst us let us ask Antulay Sahab as to who made you the Chief Minister? Then let us see as to what answer Antulay gives. In private Antulay fires bad words at Congress. This is so because what is truth will stand out clearly. What is special is that that time Abdul Rehman Antulay had got the in great difficulty because that time had spread the rumors that he is going to join another party. Because Antulay should not leave Congress and join another party he was given Congress party ticket. Otherwise Congress people have shown Abdul Rehman Antulay a dustbin. If Congress people made Antulay Chief Minister then you have to ask such question as to who were the Mahatmas that were trying to snatch Antulay’s chair of Chief Minister. What are the names of those Mahatmas. Were those people were from outside Congress party? Antulay’s corruption evidence documents were released to media, who are the people from Antulay’s cabinet that released these documents to media? These Mahatma people were from Congress.

1200 riots took place in Congress ruled states, who did it?

In Uttar Pradesh there is Mulayam Singh government, and there is not a single riot, In Bihar for the past 15 years there was government of Lalu Prasad Yadav, there was not a single riot. Before Lalu Prasad Yadav Government came about there was Congress government. That time how many riots took place whole world knows. Not small-small riots but very big riots took place. Then the question arises there was congress government there and in Congress government riots are taking place.  By being the government in power Congress should have fulfilled the task of protecting Muslims but Congress did not fulfill its task. Task of protection cannot be done by outside people; it should have been done by government. There was Congress government but it did not do the job.

During Mulayam Singh government in Uttar Pradesh there was not a single riot there. During the rule of Lalu Prasad Yadav too there was not a single riot in Bihar. Why there were no riots in these people’s governments? What there are riots only under Congress rule? There should have been no riots but they did take place, this is history. When government is of Congress then Congress says that those responsible for riots are people from Shiv Sena, BJP, Vishwa Hindu Parishad, RSS. Who banned RSS? Congress banned RSS. Who banned Vishwa Hindu Parishad? Congress did it. Who engineered secret discussions in Court? Congress did. Congress entered into secret compromises with Vishwa Hindu Parishad and RSS, and after banning these organizations twice lifted the bans. The motive behind behind imposing ban on these organizations was to make Muslims happy. And not only this in post-riot period as soon as situation was under control was ban revoked. Bans are revoked when Peace returns and Ban is imposed when the situation is hot. Till what how many proof did Congress presented to the Court against RSS and Vishwa Hindu Parishad? Do anyone knows anything about this? Why did secret discussion organized in Court? Why did discussion were not held publicly? This is because those who are badmash (rascals) talk to each other in darkness and live in harmony with each other. In 1932 RSS had published one book. In that book it was written that till RSS does not become strong RSS will continue to support Congress. The second meaning of this is that if RSS will continue to support Congress then in return Congress too will help in making RSS strong. Today if RSS, Vishwa Hindu Parishad, BJP are able to build such huge organizations, did they succeed in building the organizations without this co-operation? When Atal Behari Vajpayee became Member of Parliament for the first time and gave his speech in Hindi that time Jawaharlal Nehru was a Prime Minister. Nehru got up from his seat and went to Atal Behari Vajpayee and put his hand around his back and said that this man may become Prime Minister in future. If Atal Behari Vajpayee can become Prime Minister then why do Congress people give bad words to BJP? Badmash (Rascals) people of Congress speak two-two things at the same time. We are not able to understand this politics. We have to understand these things clearly. Under the Congress rule 1200 riots took place yet Congress did not carried on the task of protecting Muslims.

When Narayandutt Tiwari was a Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh then Narayandatt Tiwari promoted one Brahmin named Shrichand Dixit as Director-General of Police. For many months there was curfew in Aligarh. Shrichand Dixit was Director-General of Police. On the day he retired in the evening he joined Vishwa Hindu Parishad and as soon as he joined Vishwa Hindu Parishad in the evening he was made all India vice-president of Vishwa Hindu Parishad. What does this mean? This means that when Shrichand Dixit was working in Police department he secretly kept helping Vishwa Hindu Parishad. Is Narayandutt Tiwari not aware of this? And if he was not aware then why did Congress made such a nalayak (inefficient) person the Chief Minister? But this is not the issue. Tiwari was aware of everything but they are internally in nexus with each other and co-ordinate with each other.  They share responsibility of internal dialogues with each other. In drama this will be my role, you play that role. You play villain, I will support you. I cannot come in front. Why? It is so because it is my compulsion. Because I have to win Muslim votes and that’s why I cannot come in front yet I will assist you. In this way both these have carried on this game in the country.

What is special is that if riots took place in Congress rule they why did congress did not jail those responsible for riots? If RSS, VHP, BJP, Shiv Sena created riots then why Congress did not file case against them in Court? Congress did not do this because if it had to file the case then next time from where the manpower will come to carry on the riots? From where, men will come? Imagine Congress imprisons VHP, BJP, Shiv Sena people, then from where people will come to carry on the riots? If men are not available then Congress cannot carry on the riots. If Congress is not able to organize riots then there will be no create fear in the hearts of Muslims. If Muslims does not have fear in their hearts then they will not vote blindly to Congress. If Muslims do not vote for Congress blindly then it will not attain power in Delhi. This type of nude play is on. This nude play is dangerous conspiracy against Humanity. All this stigmatized game only Congress party plays and our mulnivasi brothers are not involved in this.

In spite of there being rule of Congress party why it did not the work of protecting Muslims from riots? This is because if Congress had to protect Muslims from riots then Muslims would have become strong. If Muslims becomes strong then tomorrow they will challenge and tomorrow if they become capable of throwing challenge then they will create a difficulty, Congress has these fears and that’s why Congress never tried to protect Muslims.

When riots took place in Gujarat then Congress people only gave statements. That time Congress party was ruling in 14 States and Congress did set even one relief camp in Gujarat. The question arises as to why Congress did not set up even a single relief camp? Congress did set up even a single relief camp because if Congress had to set up even one relief camp then BJP would have propagated that Congress is engaged in appeasement of Muslims, they are protectors of Muslims. If BJP had to campaign that Congress is a protector of Muslims then all the Hindus would have gone against Congress. In this way Congress would have been wiped off. In order to prevent this from happening Congress did not set up even a single relief camp. ‘We are not going to get a vote that’s why we are not going to do this humanitarian work’, this was a stand of Congress. What is more important: Humanitarianism or Votes? There is a need to understand these things in proper way.

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